Wednesday, March 31, 2010


It is sadly obvious when I am becalmed at my desk. 
(I invariably change the picture in my header)

Why can I not be mysterious?
I have dark hair, I whine
I taller than some other people
'snot fair


Ah-ha! Link to TripleJ post with aforementioned tune.

I have no idea what this sounds like still, cause the computer at work doesn't have sound.  Earliest I am going to get to hear this is possibly tomorrow evening.  Maybe.

My supervisor gave me an Easter egg which I have consumed like a hungry wolf eating something other than chocolate, cause that isn't good for dogs, and probably the wolf wouldn't touch it anyway, maybe like a bunny instead though?  I wolfed my chocolate down like to was a bunny just doesn't sound quite right but, whatever.

Morning :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Who listens to the radio?

Argh *pout*
Friend emailed to say has just heard Dan Kelly's Bindi Irwin song played on TripleJ
*mutters about work places that don't let her listen to music on headphones and force her to answer stoopid phone calls from old people instead*

... but this means it's all mixed and recorded, right?
This means there'll be cd's available in Brisbane, right?

Argh - blog damn you. Blog!

Edit:  when asked what it sounded like my friend said "I didn't have the opportunity to listen properly, just heard drifts of it and thought "that sounds like Dan Kelly", and then heard it back announced. Sounds like his usual amusing white bread with jam :-p"

*ahem* white-bread was a reference to a comment in an article and we toyed with the idea of getting t-shirts made up that said "I like to eat white-bread with jam and cream" to wear to one of the shows when he was supporting Augie March - we didn't in the end do this - we are all talk and little action.

Interim Report

maybe getting sick - feel blecky - mother is coming to town for visit - potentially here at same time as rental inspection - I may get sprung in my fib about the number of cats I possess or am possessed by - she thinks I only have three - it would be nice to only have three or perhaps even two - one day it will happen, ey?

Gentleman visiting office has told me some jokes.

Q:  Yo.  JC.  What did you do over Easter?
A:  Ah just hung  out with a couple of crims

Cross your feet, we're running out of nails.

I don't care who your father is - if you drop that cross again you are out of the parade.

The biting your nails one was the funniest thing, but perhaps you just had to be there.  It's more of a visual gag.

Note to Self - Brillant Ideas are never Brilliant

Overwhelmed with the brilliant idea of buying cheaper dry cat food which would leave me enough money to also buy a jar of pasta sauce for myself to add to the stuff I have left over at home now leaves me scrabbling around for loose change to buy some proper dry cat food.

They seemed to eat it okay the first time, but now just look at me like I am torturing them.

I look like I am getting them food.
It is making all the right sounds of food being poured.
But when they look in the bowl there is nothing they regard as food.

You should have seen the look of disappointment on their little faces this morning after they raced and boinged ahead of me with eager meows to the kitchen.

No coffee for me.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Wish I were asleep

Midway through Sunday launched into action, spurred on by the mess and bad smell. Clean and mop laundry, kitchen and half lounge.  Washed the cat dishes and everything. 

Muliple cats then proceeded to vomit in various places. 

One all water and saliva and red tinged.  Feelings of panic.  Isolate cat in bathroom for periodic observation.  No more bloody spew.  Catch her later that night nibbling on the plastic veneer strip on a cheap flatpack bookcase.  Mutter darkly. 

Read book. 
Hear dogs. 
Race outside in nylon slip.  Three dogs roaming across road.  Growl 'get out of it' and hiss and urge them away.   Go look for Bubba and Michael. 

Hear Bubba, but does not come?  He always comes when called. 

Neighbour has put cat trap out and Bubba is shut inside.  Greedy fat cat.  Habour dark thoughts about neighbours.  Cannot find Michael-cat.  Is probably up a tree playing possum cause of dogs.  Call periodically for next hour and vow to wake early and check cat trap again. 

Michael back in morning.  I shut inside.  Bubba whinges and whinges in his high little squeaky voice.  Cave and let Bubba out.  He doesn't normally go far.  Put on helmet and set to go.  See another dog roaming free.  Shut Bubba inside to loud protest.  Wonder what destruction will ensure.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Hoist the mainsail

I am wearing one of my Uncle Sidney's old shirts.  My sister's cockaitel seems to like it.  It viciously attacks fingers that approach its face to very little effect.  Sometimes it wolf whistles.  Sometimes pop goes the weasel.  Sometime it seems to be saying wotcha wotcha wotcha.  I have the bird on my shoulder.  It was wandering about on my 13yr niece, until it shit on her leg.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Frank O'Hara poem

So the ever so excellent Squib posted a poem by Frank O'Hara on another site, so I googled Mr O'Hara and in the list of poem title was one entitled "Meditations in an Emergency" which is the name of another blog I read a bit, sometimes and so I read it and rather like it :)


"My eyes are vague blue, like the sky, and change all the time;
they are indiscriminate but fleeting, entirely specific and
disloyal, so that no one trusts me. I am always looking away.
Or again at something after it has given me up. It makes me
restless and that makes me unhappy, but I cannot keep them
still. If only i had grey, green, black, brown, yellow eyes; I
would stay at home and do something. It's not that I'm
curious. On the contrary, I am bored but it's my duty to be
attentive, I am needed by things as the sky must be above the
earth. And lately, so great has _their_ anxiety become, I can
spare myself little sleep. ..."

If you want to read the whole it is here :)

Depressed and Hopeless

I used to think I should try and write something uplifting/positive for the people who ended up on my blog after typing a "depressed and hopeless" in google search.

But then I thought, buggered if I can think of something uplifting and positive to write? in addition to which, I am no writer, and also, when I am feeling down I'd rather read about somebody else having a shit time anyway.

So then I thought, well maybe, I should try and write a reall downer of a post?

But actually, actually, nothing particularly bad ever really happens to me and whilst I have had arthritis since I was 23, I've never been active and it therefore has had very little impact on my lifestyle and whilst I have as many fits of despondence as others, there is nothing particularly special about them either and listening/reading to pointless whining as never made anybody feel better, other than the person doing the whinging.

Which all up made me feel a smidgeon inadequate, actually.

So then I thought, ah fuckit.

Skipping by

Recent keyword activity trends have changed over the last few weeks.  It used to be dominated by depressed people.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ha hahaha I love Exploding Dog

Titled:  Sucks to be you
I love exploding dog but mostly he is updating his tumbir account and for some reason the computer at work won't show the pictures.  I just get a little grey square.  So I am rumaging through his archives instead.

Ha hahaha I love Exploding Dog

Titled: He was getting wet

Flappy Hand Wave

Y'all were saved from a tsunami of waffle after coffee this morning by the fact that we were terribly busy.

I have just had the bestest lunch eva.  Good thing it was the last one of it there, else I would be tempted to go back and get more even though it would make me ill.  I've had more than sufficient.  Some kind of cajun chicken on lebanesse bread with salad and yoghurt sauce. 

The coffee wasn't as enjoyable as it was yesterday.

Perhaps I shall try and just have one coffee a week?

Blind Freddy knew that

My work clothes did not dry overnight, so I am wearing a dress I swore I would not wear until I had lost a bit of weight.  The buttons strain somewhat, but I look passingly respectable.

No coffee yet.

The cats woke me at 5:30 ish, but instead of going back to sleep as I have been doing, I read a book instead.  I thought it might make me more alert and less inclined to want coffee, as when I go back to sleep after having been woken early, I sleep harder and stumble zombie like for hours after.  I even ate breakfast.  Cereal with lite milk and everything.

It doesn't work.
I really really really really want a coffee.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Aye Currumba

Dan Kelly Album Blog

Yet more tweeking and no updates - but now you can comment. 

Oh the torment!
Oh the opportunities to make a git of myself all the time, instead of just when I have myspace access which is when I am at my sisters on weekends and Tuesdays, which I was grateful for - GRATEFUL I tells ya.  I am twitching at this very moment.  Itching to pester.  I've already cracked on the coffee.  But there is only one more week to go before I make it all the way through March without begging for an update.

argh argh argh - somebody slap me

I've already used a ridiculous amount of exclaimation marks and italics in this post.

(they've fixed up all the random capitals and that paragraph that was centred and everything - I was fond of that centred paragraph)

I wonder if they have a statscounter?  You don't have to have them visible.  I'll have been sending it through the roof.  I get clicky when I'm bored and have just been randomly cycling through a few bloggytype sites on the off chance I stumble accross an update.  It's just like channel flicking.  Nothing to do with stalking.   Honest.
God! Coffee is Fantastic!

Sleep Walking

I miss coffee this morning
Not craving, just missing
Lady at work goes out for coffee everyday at ten
She always asks 'do you want anything?'
but manages not to smirk

Saw a ute on the way to work this morning
a work ute
somebody who services swimming pools
on the back in big black letters it said
then in smaller letters it said
"only if it's about your swimming pool"

which I thought was kind of funny at the time

I really miss coffee this morning

Edit Edit:  Bugger it - I am getting coffee - LARGE coffee

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ha hahaha I love Exploding Dog

Titled:  What else do you expect me to do with a stapler.

Ha hahaha I love Exploding Dog

Titled:  Don't play games with my heart

Flashback - 23 July 2008

Since I have nothing to blog about and my mind is a desert of thought dominated by the white noise of sand storms; bereft of all life; not even a lizard - I figured I would cheat and just repost something from the past.  23 July 2008.  A time when I was trying to limit my daily posts by following the rule that they all had to rhyme.

First Contact

This is how I imagine it
We receive contact from an alien race
And they are helpful, gentle and friendly
Not the least bit interested in taking over the place

And we will set up a cultural exchange
Learn new technology to get polluting cars off our streets
And we will introduce them music, drugs, wine and whiskey
And turn them into raging alcoholics

P.S.  Good Morning :)

Monday, March 22, 2010


The rain doth gush and pour from the heavens, like as if from a non-water-saving shower head. 

I have unfortunately worn a white shirt to work today.

I shall have to scarifice the potential future use of the cardigan I leave stashed at work, on the offchance the airconditioning gets to cold, for the sake of modesty on the scooter ride home.


Cyclone:  didn't even blow over the empty plastic pots in the carport.  I stayed up till past 1 am keeping an ear out for the situation, cause I wasn't going to bring my stinky bin unless I needed to and there was barely any breeze at all.

Spent weekend re-reading Lois McMaster Bujold's Milks Vorkosigan books.

Friday, March 19, 2010


Afternoon has rolled round.
The only difference being I am relatively awake now.
Though I could happily nap now that I have eaten.

Cyclone downgraded to category 2.  Our front page is raving about 'three different forecasters' predicting it will hit Townsville, but the weather burearu map makes it look more like poor Proserpine and Bowen are going to get the blast.

I have spent  rather a large amount of money today and I am feeling faintly horrified.  I have yet to take the kids present shopping.  I think I may end up eating vegemite sandwiches for the next fortnight again.

The sun has finally come out a little and I wish I were in my hammock with a drink and a good book.


Is the unsquishing of Dallas' picture supposed to have some kind of significance?  Or did he just see it and protest?  Or is DK just TAUNTING ME with evidence of opportunity to blog and choosing not to?!  (and is his name dallas or dale?  i don't remember.  fuck i have Alzheimers)

Not very awake yet.
I have the stares.

I should write myself a post-it-note and stick it to the top of the monitor reminding me to blink.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ode to Boredom

An empty shell
A vision of nothing
Sitting solitary at desk contemplating the day sucking
Upon reflection
I almost wish I had a yeast infection
It would at least be a distraction

and do you think I can get that song 'let me entertain you" out of my head? No.

Round and round we go

I feel like I've turned into somebody that likes salad. 
I still have difficulty making myself buy it though. 
The idea of salad does not entice.

It's been overcast all day and I would rather like to be home in bed with my book.

The cyclone is down to a Category 3 now and due to cross the coast (so far) Sunday between Cardwell and Mackay.  Townsville is between Cardwell and Mackay, but so are other places.  I am keeping my fingers crossed it hits Bowen again. Poor Bowen.  I feel bad for ill-wishing it, but I'd rather have a roof.

I am feeling seriously in need of some form of entertainment, which is causing me to weigh heavily in favour of nicking off down to brisbane in April.  Perhaps today is not a good day to make a decision?  It's like grocery shopping when you are hungry, ey? 

Would it kill the ever so wonderful Mr GAR to twitter now and then so that we know he is still allive?  He doesn't have to interact.  Just an update would be enough.  How long does it take to write a soundtrack anyway? grrrr

Curiousity is my besetting sin.

Okay probably lack of patience is also up there.

Okay. Yes.  I can also be very irritating.

Okay. Fine.  I think that is enough with the faults. 

Right. Fine. Yes.  I am also very lazy.

Just stop now.


Do you suppose I can get through all of March without leaving a stupid comment on Dan Kelly's myspace asking for more blog?

Payday - D-Day - Decision Time

Okay.  Sorry about the links to other stuff and lack of gloriously amusing twitter on my part, but BHJ has been very funny again.

I have to make up my mind if I am going to be stupidly wasteful for my own temporary joy or if I am going to be sensible and just pay ahead on my rent today.

I am still not sure.  Wants and shoulds are battling.  Wrestling.  Instead of  mud or jelly its brrraaiiiinnnnssss.  That would make a cool little cartoon.  A devil and an angel in greco-roman wrestling outfits duking it out knee deep in brain.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Soo quiet at work today.

A delightful, though unhappy client, with an awesome signature was my only highlight.  He was lovely.  He said when he created his signature as a young man, he was playing drums and practiced a fancy signature cause at the time he was sure he would be a rock star :)

When I was coming up with my signature (in primary school - um - 9ish?) I was intending to be a spy.  I'd been reading Leslie Charteris books.  So the first part of my signature (which you can't read anyway so it makes no difference) is not my initials but a completely other name on the basis that, if somebody were trying to fake my signature they would probably assume it was my initials or name and therefore writing something else altogether was foolproof.

I used to pack a candlestub and matches in a pocket of my handbag for years, on the off chance I was in a vehicle accident whilst on a bus tour in the snow and had to dig myself a snow cave for shelter, therein providing me with both warmth and light.


I babysat.  I ate.  I slept.  ARGH!  I have nothing to talk about.

This feels like when you catch up with an old friend for lunch and you've just finished the general wrap up of your life in their absence and visa versa and get to the part where you actually converse and then realise you have nothing to talk about. 

Perhaps this doesn't happen to you?    Mostly I am friends with people I work with and without work to talk about there is no other common ground. 

The last time I caught up with somebody from my last job, even though we had both been gone from it for a year, the only thing she wanted to do was bitch/gossip about the people we used to work with.  The rest of the BBQ was her and her friends talking about children and the army, whilst I sat about bored out of my mind, trying not to drink much cause I had to scooter home.  I generally end up drifting away and chasing peoples cats around the house fore to pet them. 

I even pet dogs in desperate situations. 
Even though they smell.

It is Saint Patrick's Day and I am wearing a lot of green.  On my way home I intend to buy either green cruisers or guiness which I will add green dye too.  Not that one can dye guiness, cause it is very dark coloured, but I want to see if it will foam green.  And then I will be sitting in front of the television with my green or greenish drink because I have no one to drink with.  Cheers

(I am not really sooking)
(just bored with myself)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Remembering Eddie Cantor got me to thinking about the various movie actors I thought were delightful/attractive as I was growing up.  I was a little worried for a second, cause memory plays tricks on us all, but since googling them I realise they are actually good looking men and I wasn't doing to badly afterall.

Eddie Cantor
Okay, this may  not be the most flattering picture, but it is making me laugh.
Everybody loves harpo, right?

I loved the way chico played the piano - sigh
It looked so playful and easy.

Do you know ...

... I have this sudden urge to watch an Eddie Cantor movie.

I was thinking about a picture somebody else had posted on their blog of a couple lying on a picnic blanket with a picnic basket and a portable record player. 

I was thinking about what kind of record would I like to play if on a picnic blanket with a portable record player and Eddie Cantor sprang to mind. 

I think it would need to be a picnic by a river for it to work.

Also ahahahahahahahaahahah

xkcd cartoon


With much thanks to my good friend Jami, I bring to you the Amazon reviews for their 'bic pen'.  I am feeling a strong urge to buy a bic pen from Amazon now myself after reading them.


Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday I have Friday on my Mind

A nothing kind of weekend of shopping and eating and retiring to bed with a headache Saturday afternoon instead of eating chinese and drinking cocktails with my sister and brother-in-law.  I have to be very strict with my posture and not rest my chin on my fist with my elbow on table, but that is how I usually end up when I am reading blogs - sigh.

Not that many of my bloggers are blogging at present.  So many of them have dropped off.  Probably Dan Kelly is finished now too *stiffled sob*  (he hasn't even updated his myspace blog with the last couple of posts - I think he is over it all - I refuse to beg! - but actually I want to know when he is going to have his album finished and available? but I can't ask now, cause of all the previous begging - it would sound like nagging - and did you know I saw a flight from brisbane to townsville on the 17th for only $79 yesterday?  oh god! the temptation - I may die)

I've just realised I'm wearing my trousers inside-out.

Edit:  oh man - I could get flights there and back for $79 and go the night before to listen to Mr Liddiard do his solo thing and the accommodation is only around the $89 mark per night and that's only $336 altogether and I don't need to eat a lot and just make sure I have train money and my sister could probably feed my cats for a couple of nights and and and ... BUT I SHOULDN'T. 

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

Leaps about excitedly - i have money i have money - she sings.

I can afford to buy my brother-in-law a present for his birthday today.  It is a great relief.  They have been very good to me over the last couple of months.

I can buy lunch that contains greenery.  I have had lettuce cravings.

I am wearing my broken shoes today, because I was soaked riding home yesterday.  The right shoe has cracked between the heel and the rest of the sole.  From kick-starting the scooter. 

I am aware these are very factual 'I ate, I went to the toilet, I slept' kind of blogs.  There is nothing in my head.  Work consists of answering the telephone and putting people through to other people and opening and distributing the mail.  Nothing to stimulate anybody.  Certainly not me.  I need a handsome blogger or musician to semi-cyber-stalk to pep me up. 

... and new shoes :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

w00t 2 !!!!!

... and I arrive at work today to an email to say I will be receiving pay for the three days work in the previous salary cycle in the next two days - yayayayayaya - I shall have money Friday or Monday which means I don't have to be quite so frugal with my remaining 35 dollars which was going to have to buy a bag of dry cat food $12, a bag of kitty litter, $12.00 and two loafs of bread to get me through the next week $6.00 on vegemite sandwiches.

I am a happy cookie :)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Got my new lease in the mail and they haven't put the rent up :)  First time that has happened since I've been here.
Probably it is a mistake.
Probably when I go in to sign it they realise and manually alter it.

More importantly ... no mention of an inspection.
*zooms about the room like an aeroplane*

Cause though I've talked of it, and made some headway in spots, I haven't actually cleaned the whole flat all at the same time and currently it looks rather like a bomb has hit it.

Celebrated by scootering to work in heavy rain.

P.S.  the rather delightful Civil Civic blog that they have released their 5-track.  Blog post listed on the right hand side :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010



–verb (used without object)
1.   to comment unfavorably or critically (usually fol. by on or upon): to animadvert at length upon his faulty use of English.
–verb (used with object)
2. Obsolete. to take cognizance or notice of.

What an excellent word, ey?  Came across it in a Georgette Heyer book yesterday.

Managed to get a bee sting by lying down in bed.  It was crawling about on my pillow.  Must fix the screens the cats ripped. 

So many things to do when I get paid.  I should write myself a list.

Sprainned eyeballs from rolling

Oh the drama.

My newly turned 12yr niece behaved rather badly on her birthday.  She wasn't happy with her presents in general.  Nobody had bought her anything that was on her list.  She got clothes and a ticket to go see a performance of Chinese Acrobats and books and money.  On the way over I stopped and bought her a mudcake cupcake pending such time as I get paid.  I thought it would be a bit nicer than just giving her an IOU.  Mudcake is her favourite.

Yesterday was my nephew's birthday.  He has just turned 9 (I thought he was already 9 but apparently not).  No bakeries with cupcakes close by so, bought him some lollies.

You should have seen the ta-do 12yr niece put on because nephew got lollies and she 'just got a cupcake'.  She spent the whole cutting of the nephews cake and opening presents ceremony whinging about how crap her presents had been.

Considering I only have a months work, and getting by on welfare payments is going to be tricky, this is not making me want to buy her a birthday present when payday comes around.

Monday, March 8, 2010


My nieces birthday went well and a special photo of a scowling birthday girl holding a horse sticker book was taken to send to Uncle Sid.

We told her the story about the wooden birds (I sent cute little wooden bird mobiles a few years in a row to Uncle Sidney after he made indications that he thought the first one was a very strange present and beat hands down the bellows I'd given him once as the most useless present ever), so she and her mother popped out yesterday and have bought him one of those mechanical birds you suspend from the ceiling and fly around in a circle, since his birthday is coming up later this month.

I am functioning on about two hours sleep as my newly acquired nocturnal leanings are still dancing about the forefront of my brain.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Karma is swift

My Uncle Sidney got into his head, when one of my nieces was younger, that she liked horses.  I don't think she has ever particularly been that enthusiastic about horses.  I think this idea has just come about because she is a girl and Uncle Sid thinks all little girls like horses.   So every year he sends her something horse related.

My niece (whose birthday it is today) displayed some displeasure at her last horse related gifts at Christmas.  There was a painted wooden horse whose saddle opens up with a cavity to put jewelery in and a horse stickerbook.

Needless to say, I think this is Hilarious and have been encouraging Uncle Sid to make sure that he includes more horse things with her birthday present.

All this is to explain why I was a little startled when I received a parcel yesterday, from my lovely and delightful friend Jami in the states.  I sent her some scarves recently and she has sent me this gorgeous soft toy she has made and I have displayed on my bookcase up high were the cats can't get it.  It's a horse.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Well poo - the job the agency was trying to fill is out at the Bohle which is too far on fast roads for my little scooter.  Some great truck would mow me down for sure. 

Oh well.  My typing speed seems to have increased through neglect.  Up to 85 wpm now.  And their test for Work Attitude and Ability reckons I'm lovely.

Stopping by

Appointment to chat to recruitment agency in my half hour lunch.
Will eat a lot at morning tea instead.

Yes, another morning tea.  Third or fourth this week.  Wearing, eating orange for internal anti-bullying campaign.  Probably I will have orange teeth when I go for the interview. 

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ode to my Underwear

Ah, my old daggy knickers
You are stretched and stained
But so perfectly cover me
Without causing pain
Or cutting off circulation
To my large pasty flabby thighs
Which are much need of a good run

Your absence pains me
When you are in the washing
Newer knickers are restrictive and cutting

But now that the elastic is gone
Will you leave me too?

Happy Surprise

Rehab reps visiting and ladies birthday, so morning tea put on AND THEY HAD A CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN!!!

I've only ever seen them in shop windows or television before now. 
It was a sight of awesome beauty.
Chopped up bits of strawberry and banana with skewers to use to dip.

Day of the living dead

God I hope my sleeping patterns settle down again soon.
Was past 2 when I went to bed last night.
I feel like a zombie.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Eating heathy is boring.
I wantz green curry.

Patting pockets absentmindedly

Do you suppose end of tracking means end of blog?
I suppose I shall just have to wait and see.
I hate waiting.

This has amused me today.

I ate yoghurt for breakfast and bought wraps and ham and lettuce for lunch.

I have abstained from coffee for a week and a half.

I must do some work now.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Continued rambling

I am obsessing about food. 

For the past month it has been very plain.  Meat and veg in the slow cooker or spaghetti.  I am very over it.  This is partially because I have yet to get the gas reconnected and therefore do not have a stove, but lets face facts - I am no cook.  Also I've been mostly broke and therefore unable to indulge in salad greenery which don't last very long in my fridge.

I feel rather like The Master from the most recent Dr Who episodes with his chanting ranting about roasts and gravy and fat greasy food.

I am going to go google pictures of thai food, just to torture myself some more, cause I must remember I can't be frivilous because I don't get paid again until 18th and Centrelink payment was only partial and I have to pay my sister back the money she lent me the other week.

I need a cricket to ride my shoulder - sigh


Can you feel the tension?  I am waiting for 8:30 to roll around to start checking my bank account to see if I have any money.  8:30 am is usually the magic time that it appears, though not always.

I salivate at the potential lunchtime possibilities.

The possibilities if I don't got nofink revolve around the picnic bar stashed in the receptionists desk. 

I ate her snickers bar for breakfast.

Edit:  W00t!  I am going to have spanakopita for lunch :)

Edit Edit:  no spanakopita :(
but the toasted panni  with ham, sundried tomatos, olives and cheese was nice too :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Working Week

Well.  I am back playing receptionist.
Feels odd.

Edit 11:49 am:  minimal neck pain so far and no headaches - yay!

Edit 4:18 pm:  argh!  Had permission to leave early to go to Stoopid Centrelink, but Supervisor was leaving at 4 pm and other lady is in a client interview, so I can't go and so I rang to fax and the lady said 'oh, you might be too late.  they are supposed to be in by 2 pm'.

Really - I could just scream.