Friday, March 26, 2010

Frank O'Hara poem

So the ever so excellent Squib posted a poem by Frank O'Hara on another site, so I googled Mr O'Hara and in the list of poem title was one entitled "Meditations in an Emergency" which is the name of another blog I read a bit, sometimes and so I read it and rather like it :)


"My eyes are vague blue, like the sky, and change all the time;
they are indiscriminate but fleeting, entirely specific and
disloyal, so that no one trusts me. I am always looking away.
Or again at something after it has given me up. It makes me
restless and that makes me unhappy, but I cannot keep them
still. If only i had grey, green, black, brown, yellow eyes; I
would stay at home and do something. It's not that I'm
curious. On the contrary, I am bored but it's my duty to be
attentive, I am needed by things as the sky must be above the
earth. And lately, so great has _their_ anxiety become, I can
spare myself little sleep. ..."

If you want to read the whole it is here :)

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