Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Who listens to the radio?

Argh *pout*
Friend emailed to say has just heard Dan Kelly's Bindi Irwin song played on TripleJ
*mutters about work places that don't let her listen to music on headphones and force her to answer stoopid phone calls from old people instead*

... but this means it's all mixed and recorded, right?
This means there'll be cd's available in Brisbane, right?

Argh - blog damn you. Blog!

Edit:  when asked what it sounded like my friend said "I didn't have the opportunity to listen properly, just heard drifts of it and thought "that sounds like Dan Kelly", and then heard it back announced. Sounds like his usual amusing white bread with jam :-p"

*ahem* white-bread was a reference to a comment in an article and we toyed with the idea of getting t-shirts made up that said "I like to eat white-bread with jam and cream" to wear to one of the shows when he was supporting Augie March - we didn't in the end do this - we are all talk and little action.

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