Friday, March 26, 2010

Depressed and Hopeless

I used to think I should try and write something uplifting/positive for the people who ended up on my blog after typing a "depressed and hopeless" in google search.

But then I thought, buggered if I can think of something uplifting and positive to write? in addition to which, I am no writer, and also, when I am feeling down I'd rather read about somebody else having a shit time anyway.

So then I thought, well maybe, I should try and write a reall downer of a post?

But actually, actually, nothing particularly bad ever really happens to me and whilst I have had arthritis since I was 23, I've never been active and it therefore has had very little impact on my lifestyle and whilst I have as many fits of despondence as others, there is nothing particularly special about them either and listening/reading to pointless whining as never made anybody feel better, other than the person doing the whinging.

Which all up made me feel a smidgeon inadequate, actually.

So then I thought, ah fuckit.

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