Monday, March 29, 2010

Wish I were asleep

Midway through Sunday launched into action, spurred on by the mess and bad smell. Clean and mop laundry, kitchen and half lounge.  Washed the cat dishes and everything. 

Muliple cats then proceeded to vomit in various places. 

One all water and saliva and red tinged.  Feelings of panic.  Isolate cat in bathroom for periodic observation.  No more bloody spew.  Catch her later that night nibbling on the plastic veneer strip on a cheap flatpack bookcase.  Mutter darkly. 

Read book. 
Hear dogs. 
Race outside in nylon slip.  Three dogs roaming across road.  Growl 'get out of it' and hiss and urge them away.   Go look for Bubba and Michael. 

Hear Bubba, but does not come?  He always comes when called. 

Neighbour has put cat trap out and Bubba is shut inside.  Greedy fat cat.  Habour dark thoughts about neighbours.  Cannot find Michael-cat.  Is probably up a tree playing possum cause of dogs.  Call periodically for next hour and vow to wake early and check cat trap again. 

Michael back in morning.  I shut inside.  Bubba whinges and whinges in his high little squeaky voice.  Cave and let Bubba out.  He doesn't normally go far.  Put on helmet and set to go.  See another dog roaming free.  Shut Bubba inside to loud protest.  Wonder what destruction will ensure.

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