Friday, May 25, 2018

Whoops ...

... i think I've scared my mother.

She has been protesting my decision to try methotrexate again, because she didn't like the effect it had on my mood and personality last time.

However, today was the first day we've both had off from work and bridge and she took me to the local shopping centre to look at a couple of things.

Sadly, I've been in a somewhat decrepit state of late and she has now decided I do need to try and take medication again.

I think I've distressed her.

So I let her buy me an early birthday present to make her feel better. (I was going to buy it for myself anyway)

It is by local artist Margaret Crawford.

I think it nicely captures the evil weeping angel-like quality the curlew has.  Pity one cannot incorporate the special screaming for help I'm being attacked and tortured by a gang quality of their night time activities.

She is one of my favourites along with Sonia Ward, whom I have too pull my finger out and buy some of soon, except usually the ones I really love and want to own cost lots of cash, whereas Margaret does some awesome stuff which she sells for just twenty, thirty dollars.

Sonia also has cool stuff for not much, i just like the mixed media work currently on sale for 265ish sooooooooo much more.  She did some really great paintings of pregnant woman/anatomy featuring featus which I really really wanted too.

And there were some mixed mefia world map style works and etc etc etc.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Drags feet reluctantly ...

Finally went to a doctor about my malfunctioning wrist.
Haven't seen the report yet, but from the pictures I don't think it's good.

My wrist.

Normal wrist

The picture of my wrist looks like someone has run the smug function over it;
Or it's dissolved;
Or something.

Still ... it makes me feel better about considering it an ouchy.
I always worry that I am just being a sook :)

Sunday, May 13, 2018


My sisters cat.

And action shot of startled peacock.

Monday, May 7, 2018

Embarrassed blush ...

Two beautiful young men just showed up at my place to spruik the McGrath Foundation and raise funds.

I am one of those people who think nothing is bothering them until one word sets off a gush of tears and wailing.

Sadly, it happened during the ever so pretty young handsome man's speech.

I hope I haven't totalled their day.

Did my best to tell them they were doing good work etc, but am like a sobbing three year old when I cry.  All heaving sobs and shuddering breathes.

Poor boys.

Sister is infact, very well considering.
They have decided can skip surgery and go straight to radiotherapy .

Everybody in the family is letting their hair grow back now.

Mother is due to arrive saturday.
Hopefully for only two weeks.

Dad is in hospital in Melbourne with some kind of skin infection on his legs and heart ussues. My sister assures me he is safe to ring cause he is very confused and can only speak for about five minutes at a time.

Dad is notorious for his long winded conversations/monologues which frequently feature stories from his days of working as a taxi driver.

Have not been able to stand tbe smell of rum since.

Did twelve bags of shredding at work yesterday.
A paperless office still involves an aweful lot of shredding.

Sad to only feel like one has managed to do something constructive by destroying something.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Saturday at work

Lent (gave) $20 to one of the regular patients today.

He wasn't there to see a dr, just stopped to ask if I could spare him some cash.
Is having a bad time with reflux and can't afford to buy different food until next pension day.

Poor old man was burping every three seconds and I know how uncomfortable that feels.

Not that I am particularly flush with funds this week.
Still owe my sister money.

Had to put scooter in, as headlight blew.
They mentioned needed a new back tyre at last service, so did that this time since it was going in.

Poor fella is quite hard to understand sometimes wot with the missing teeth and head injury.

Never feel quite as sorry for myself as I might anymore.

Have made big Bolognese for myself and bought dry cat food for the week.
Now have $20 left for wet catfood for the week.
Its doable.

Just have to be parsimonious with the kitty litter.

One of the new drs has asked me to make extra pesto for him next time I am making a batch.

So I now have a podiatrist and a doctor asking to give me money for food, lol!