Sunday, August 24, 2014

If you write it it will happen

Slightly closer to being online again.
Well, more than slightly.
Perhaps more just slightly off being online again?
Best friend gave me her old computer.
Windows drivers downloaded (whatever they are)
Just need to go get a new sim for the donglethingywhatever since it has been so long since I used it.

Cutest little black cat lurking around my flat.  Massive testicles for such a little kitty.  Belongs to someone, cause has a collar.  Vague teasing thoughts of accidentally on purpose letting my unfixed girl cat out so I could have lots of little black kittens like in the nightmare I had on Monday are kicking about in the back of my mind, but I assure you I am resisting!  It is my goal to get Wombat-cat desexed before Christmas.

My beautiful Bubba-cat, who would have been 17 come January as far as I am aware, disappeared never to be found mid-July and I have been very sad.  I have at least stopped crying every time I come home because he isn't running down the driveway to herd me into the carport.  He was looking very frail and was deaf and senile and it would have been his time soon, but I so wanted a body.  I had intended to have him cremated and carry his remains around it a little pottery jar whenever I moved house. (I inherited the ashes of one of the family cats "Russell".  Mum used to have them, but then she moved and was downsizing belongings and ditched him on my older sister, who had originally owned him until mum stole him.  Marianne didn't really want them, but didn't want to chuck them out, so I took them.  He was a great cat)

So ... i am down to five cats now.

The ever beautiful, wonderful and delightful Augie March have at last put together a new album which should be out soon and I am waiting with bated breath to hear.  October October October come soon :)

Have failed dismally to save up, argh, it is karma that I have no travel money and shall have to slap myself about until I get my brain functioning again.

Have mostly been sleeping for the last year or so, so it will be good for me to blog again.  I do more when I have interests.  Am doing up the atrium at work and will post photos when I finish.  Not that it will be anything earthshatteringly interesting, but have vague intentions of making some little monsters/creatures out of modeling clay, weatherproofing them with boat sealant and having them peek out from under plants. A project for next year.  Have never made anything before and will probably be terrible at at.  I have never been good with my hands.