Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What day is it again?

I don't feel like applying for work today.
So I shan't.
Best not to anyway.
I will just be silly.
They would read it and remark to their colleagues something about 'it must be a full moon', which is so trite (yet distressingly frequently true - is it a full moon?) and I don't want to be involved.
I have standards.

My tea binge is worsening my arthritis and I turn painfully in bed late at night surrounded by tolerant small purring cats, close for warmth.

I am slowed.
Like a basking lizard.
In bed with familiar books.

Yesterday was marvelous.
I could do it again today.

So I got up and scootered to my sisters to look at jobs on the computer.

But I don't feel like applying for work today.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Finally got to hear Dan Kelly's next single "Hold On".
It's a relief to find out I like it too, since I couldn't remember it from the show at the Troubadour.

P.S. and here is an interview on Undercover (which is quite long - sorry - but funny) which has him playing 'The Decommissioner" at the end :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Changed my mind

Re-read my Dianne Wynne Jones Chrestomanci series and discovered I owned a book I hadn't read - SO AWESOME.  I love those books.  I almost wish I could get some kind of brain disease which left me with a memory that only lasted a week - I could just spend all my time re-reading all the books I love.  That would be so great.  It's given me a whole new perspective on my possible genie granted three wishes.

They used to be ability to speak lots of languages, to be good with my hands and to play & understand music.  Now I think I want a memory that only lasts a week; a steady income without working and a giant atrium for my cats. 

I would never be bored again.

Reminding myself to blink

All registered for unemployment and have discovered my memory has been playing tricks on me.  The amount is even less than I remembered. 

I've been doing sums and after taking out money for telephone, electricity, rent, cat food and kitty litter, I think I am left with about thirty dollars a week to buy food, toilet paper and stuff with.  I have no idea how people survive on unemployment for any length of time. 

Still - I've been meaning to lose weight for ages. 
Probably this is a godsend, ey?

I should quit turning the lights on?
Maybe turn the television off all together?
(except for Dr Who of course - missed last weeks episode cause was at nieces mid-year drama show - niece had lots of lines - got to say 1001 cockroaches)

My telephone is paid for July, but I think I shall get it cut off after that and make do with my crap mobile.  *sigh*  I shall miss my landline.  It doesn't feel like a real house without a wall phone hanging near the kitchen.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Interview

She asked me if I knew how to sow? (okay fine - sew)
Sadly, the answer is no.

The things I do

Interview at 10:45 am.
A retail customer service/admin job.
Don't have any cash handling skills in any sense of the word.

I've always wanted to have a go at a retail job.  I think I am endlessly trying to construct the elements of a normal life.  I didn't read peter pan and alice in wonderland until high school and early twenties.   Lots of the books I'd read would mention characters having read them as children - or having them read to them - and I felt like I'd missed out on that part somewhere along the line (bawled my eyes out reading the Little Prince).  I never had that after school job or shitkicker school leaver job as a check out chick or shop assistant.

Odd to think that if I got this (which I probably won't) that it would be fulfilling a dream - hahahahaha.

However, I should not get distracted with these musings.  I need to focus on the important stuff like needing a fridge and needing to save up for a new scooter and getting my teeth fixed.

I shall go practice my giggle in the mirror.

Monday, June 21, 2010


She was, like, twelve and came up to my knee.

You know it's time to retire when you just can't be arsed giggling and being girly for some blonde tweeny in a recruitment agency.

I think my midget niece is taller than the little chicky was.
(my niece isn't actually a midget - she's just short)
Don't think that job's going to happen.

But I don't care at the moment, because I finally got organised with the whole unemployment thing and hopefully will get paid some money next week, which is good cause I shall be sick of toast and cheesy pasta by then even though I am on a tea binge. Tea and books.

My days are zipping past immersed as I am in other worlds and magic and lisping golden haired children in blue suits who is actually a wizard in disguise, much to the disgust of his lady wife who finds the overwhelming cutesiness of it all revolting.

Dianne Wynne Jones is awesome.
I am excessively bummed to find out she has cancer.
Favourite authors are supposed to live forever so as to provide a steady stream of books I know I will like.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Interview with employment agency today. 

They were advertising for a receptionist/administration officer. 
Salary of $35,000 to $38,000. 

Which is not very much, but it would be nice to be working again soon, since I have a nieces birthday coming up and I would like to be able to buy her a present.  I am not fussy.  Besides the irony of me working at a Chartered Accountants would amuse me, as I am hopeless when it comes to personal finances.

Not that I am likely to get it, because they will consider me over qualified and likely to leave as soon as something better comes along.  Little do they know the deep-seated laziness that is my vice.  If they are nice to me, I don't hate the work and am paid enough to cover rent and bills, then I am satisfied.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Twiddling thumbs - still nothing happening

Gosh ... wouldn't $40 million be awesome, but I think I need to stop thinking about winning the lotto.  That way lies disappointment, ey? (but golly FORTY MILLION - what I could do with forty million)

Still waiting on a separation certificate, but am going to go register for unemployment today anyway and sic the centrelink lady onto them since I do not appear to be getting anywhere - not that I've been insistent, as such - I am too polite.

Re-reading Barbara Hambly since I can't find the rest of Tamora Pierce's Lioness series.  Knocked off "The Ladies of Mandrigyn" yesterday.  Wish I knew where the hell I've put "The Silent Tower".

It's a beautiful day, I have a pimple to the left and down of my mouth and I am feeling slightly grumpy.

My sister tells me at the baby check up that they check to see if the rolls/creases of fat on the baby match on both sides.  Well I thought that was sort of interesting anyway.  One of those aspects of a job one has never previously considered - checking symmetry of baby fat rolls. 

Out of here - ciao

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This is all just so silly

Oh crumbs.

Have been on the job search websites applying willy-nilly.  Have put in nearly twenty applications in the last four days - I think.  It feels like that anyway.  Have been declined for one already :)

On government website, while cutting and pasting from previous application, realised I hadn't spell checked and there were a few spelling errors.  Clicked withdraw application and it withdrew both applications instead of just the one I'd ticked and had to reapply for them both.

Two more applications later realised I'd typed Manage instead of Manager - gah!

I hate applying for jobs and my discomfort with selection criteria manifests in stupidity, carelessness and inappropriate silliness that seemed funny at the time.

Three hours or more of this torture and I am ready to retire to bed with a bottle and chips for the day, but cannot because I can't afford to waste money on frivolous things like booze and junky things to eat (besides which it is babysitting night).  It's sandwiches and soup for me from now on.  Macaroni with cheese and two minute noodles and cups of tea.

Was commiserating with another sister yesterday whose temporary position which is coming to an end somewhat earlier than expected.  I am grateful I do not have children and a mortgage.

Lotto ticket buying time *sigh*

I am going to go home and let my cats console me :)

P.S.  The tour diary of Civil Civic goes from triumph to triumph.  I adore Ben more than Dan.  Possibly even as much as Kiernan, except Ben is more prolific.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Woke early and decided to go out for breakfast, even though I've not washed my hair for days and am looking particularly slobbish.  When dressing discovered my cats have been eating my shoelaces.


At least ten centimetres, if not more, missing from left shoelace of left shoe.  Chew marks on the others.  Did it swallow ten centimetres of shoelace?   There was a long cat poop in the tray yesterday, but I didn't think anything of it at the time.  Was it my shoelace holding it together?  Or was it just a fluke?

I telephoned nobody, but did mop half my kitchen floor.

This is not as slack as it sounds.  There was furniture moving involved.  Moved the fridge that doesn't work.  Moved the three door glassed door cabinet that mother gave me which only contains things I don't use and I don't know why I keep.

Maybe I should put my shoes in there?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I am silly this evening.  Sometimes I would like to just go to sleep and not wake up.

Have been having the coolest dreams lately and they are much more interesting than anything that has been happening during the daytime :)  A couple of excellent spy type ones and only one uncomfortable one with sharks.

My shark dreams are usually set inside tiled buildings with large pools with tiny little narrow walkways between the pool and the wall and the pool next to the other pool and large leapy sharks.  This one was a little different.  It was a narrow beach with leapy sharks.  I wonder what leapy sharks signify in my twisted psyche?

Actually, I think the sharks are incidental.  It's really the teeth and the sudden unexpected leaping that scares the willys out of me.

I am supposed to be calling up dentists to make an appointment.  Probably leapy sharks is an entirely logical dream translation of fear of dentists, because it's not really the dentist's I am scared of.  I don't like needles in my mouth.  I am okay with needles in other places.  I just find it very difficult to cope with needles near my face and particularly inside my mouth.

When I fell off the scooter and the doctor had to riffle around inside the mince that was the inside of my upper lip to find all the little bits of broken tooth in there, he very kindly gave me the option of having the dental blocker needle from the outside, rather than the inside.  I coped with that a lot better.

Gosh he was lovely.
I think all doctors in emergency rooms should be attractive with lovely accents *sigh*

I swear I shall call dentists and mop my kitchen floor tomorrow and no more prevaricating.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Rushing past

No rest or responsible progress for me today.

A call from eldest sister (with the five and a half month old baby) to come and assist with a trip to the shops to return shoes, morphed into a shopping trip and have only just got home at a quarter past five. 

Them babies sure slow a person down. 

There again tomorrow to play with baby so sister can clean house.  Not sure how much use I am going to be. 

Babysitting tonight.  Babysitting tomorrow. Better be a good girl and start looking for a job soon.

I swear I will get my computer fixed soon and return to normal blogging and stop these boring catalogs of doing nothing..

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Testing times

So ... the freezer section of my fridge is now only fridge cold (below 5 degrees) and the fridge section is around 13-15 degrees.  I thought to myself 'maybe its a sign - maybe 15 degrees is the perfect temperature for storing vegetables' or something - a sign I should be making more effort with the healthy eating thing - a sign of encouragement, but no.

It is a good temperature to store potatoes, pumpkin and bananas; but it is the perfect temperature to store wine.

oh hahahahahaha - the irony
and here was me hoping to achieve temperance for a period as an aid to weightloss
oh supreme being, i laugh
you are so funny

Friday, June 4, 2010

Well arse

I thought perhaps if I defrosted the fridge properly it might consider working again, but no.

I did a heap load of washing and hung it out (which is usually the bit which I dont' achieve - just an endless round of washing because I've left them in the machine) so it rained.

I am just not feeling lucky.

I should count my blessings, you say?

I am glad that Michael-cat waited until he was outside to vomit this morning.  I am glad I still have one piece of clothing respectable enough to wear outside the house.  I am glad I am weakwilled and am about to go eat breakfast out, because I like eating breakfast and it is much more enjoyable when somebody else makes it.  As well as being more likely to be edible. 

I hope you all had a lovely breakfast too :)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

How you doing?

Tuesday was a day of rest and lovely.

Wednesday was meant to be productive (and partly it was - I went shopping and bought lots of healthy food and stuff - I even bought celery) but I forgot that I thought that maybe tomato soup gives me headaches and I made myself a vegetable soup which may possibly have been a little heavy on the tomato and retired in pain for the rest of the day.

Now my fridge appears to have ceased to function.
Obviously I am not meant to be thin and healthy.
Maybe I should go buy a case of wine and a caftan?

P.S.  Finally got to hear Civil Civic's Run Overdrive and it is rather awesome.  I need to listen to it again before I can decide about the other one, but I liked Run Overdrive immediately.  So that's two out of three of their songs that I have liked instantly :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Quick hello

Well, it's 2 pm and I figured I should get out of bed.  Have been reading and napping all day.  Four cats curled on and around my legs.  Tolerant of my need to shift occasionally and an escort provided when I felt the need to get myself a glass of water or answer the telephone.

Am out in search of sustainance.

My resolve to eat fresh vegetables, fruit and other healthy things for the next week is shaky before I even start, though I did eat yoghurt this morning.