Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The things I do

Interview at 10:45 am.
A retail customer service/admin job.
Don't have any cash handling skills in any sense of the word.

I've always wanted to have a go at a retail job.  I think I am endlessly trying to construct the elements of a normal life.  I didn't read peter pan and alice in wonderland until high school and early twenties.   Lots of the books I'd read would mention characters having read them as children - or having them read to them - and I felt like I'd missed out on that part somewhere along the line (bawled my eyes out reading the Little Prince).  I never had that after school job or shitkicker school leaver job as a check out chick or shop assistant.

Odd to think that if I got this (which I probably won't) that it would be fulfilling a dream - hahahahaha.

However, I should not get distracted with these musings.  I need to focus on the important stuff like needing a fridge and needing to save up for a new scooter and getting my teeth fixed.

I shall go practice my giggle in the mirror.


  1. If you do get a job in retail, just remember these two important points and you'll do just fine.

    1) The customer is always wrong.

    2) You don't deal with stupid.

    Those two points served me well during my 20+ years in retail. Shoot, they serve me well working for the government.

  2. They asked me the "what do you think you would bring to the company" question - which is always an indication that they are not in the least bit interested in one :)