Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Reminding myself to blink

All registered for unemployment and have discovered my memory has been playing tricks on me.  The amount is even less than I remembered. 

I've been doing sums and after taking out money for telephone, electricity, rent, cat food and kitty litter, I think I am left with about thirty dollars a week to buy food, toilet paper and stuff with.  I have no idea how people survive on unemployment for any length of time. 

Still - I've been meaning to lose weight for ages. 
Probably this is a godsend, ey?

I should quit turning the lights on?
Maybe turn the television off all together?
(except for Dr Who of course - missed last weeks episode cause was at nieces mid-year drama show - niece had lots of lines - got to say 1001 cockroaches)

My telephone is paid for July, but I think I shall get it cut off after that and make do with my crap mobile.  *sigh*  I shall miss my landline.  It doesn't feel like a real house without a wall phone hanging near the kitchen.


  1. It's virtually impossible to survive on unemployment alone as a single person.

    Good luck and here's wishing that you find something soon.

  2. I just wish I could continue in my frugal ways once I do find work. I'd love to be able to save up some money, but the minute I have income again I shall be out buying books and eating breakfast out again - sigh - I am a slave to my bad habits :)