Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I am silly this evening.  Sometimes I would like to just go to sleep and not wake up.

Have been having the coolest dreams lately and they are much more interesting than anything that has been happening during the daytime :)  A couple of excellent spy type ones and only one uncomfortable one with sharks.

My shark dreams are usually set inside tiled buildings with large pools with tiny little narrow walkways between the pool and the wall and the pool next to the other pool and large leapy sharks.  This one was a little different.  It was a narrow beach with leapy sharks.  I wonder what leapy sharks signify in my twisted psyche?

Actually, I think the sharks are incidental.  It's really the teeth and the sudden unexpected leaping that scares the willys out of me.

I am supposed to be calling up dentists to make an appointment.  Probably leapy sharks is an entirely logical dream translation of fear of dentists, because it's not really the dentist's I am scared of.  I don't like needles in my mouth.  I am okay with needles in other places.  I just find it very difficult to cope with needles near my face and particularly inside my mouth.

When I fell off the scooter and the doctor had to riffle around inside the mince that was the inside of my upper lip to find all the little bits of broken tooth in there, he very kindly gave me the option of having the dental blocker needle from the outside, rather than the inside.  I coped with that a lot better.

Gosh he was lovely.
I think all doctors in emergency rooms should be attractive with lovely accents *sigh*

I swear I shall call dentists and mop my kitchen floor tomorrow and no more prevaricating.

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