Tuesday, June 15, 2010

This is all just so silly

Oh crumbs.

Have been on the job search websites applying willy-nilly.  Have put in nearly twenty applications in the last four days - I think.  It feels like that anyway.  Have been declined for one already :)

On government website, while cutting and pasting from previous application, realised I hadn't spell checked and there were a few spelling errors.  Clicked withdraw application and it withdrew both applications instead of just the one I'd ticked and had to reapply for them both.

Two more applications later realised I'd typed Manage instead of Manager - gah!

I hate applying for jobs and my discomfort with selection criteria manifests in stupidity, carelessness and inappropriate silliness that seemed funny at the time.

Three hours or more of this torture and I am ready to retire to bed with a bottle and chips for the day, but cannot because I can't afford to waste money on frivolous things like booze and junky things to eat (besides which it is babysitting night).  It's sandwiches and soup for me from now on.  Macaroni with cheese and two minute noodles and cups of tea.

Was commiserating with another sister yesterday whose temporary position which is coming to an end somewhat earlier than expected.  I am grateful I do not have children and a mortgage.

Lotto ticket buying time *sigh*

I am going to go home and let my cats console me :)

P.S.  The tour diary of Civil Civic goes from triumph to triumph.  I adore Ben more than Dan.  Possibly even as much as Kiernan, except Ben is more prolific.


  1. Lotto ticket. Hmm.

    People often ask, "What would you do with your lottery winnings?"

    I now ask you a different question.
    What would you NOT do with your lottery winnings?

  2. I would not put in a swimming pool. I would not plant pine trees. I would not have a garden solely made up of pink coloured flowers. I would not travel the world. I would not give money to my cousins - siblings only. I would not keep bees.

    I would not buy anymore lotto tickets (and sadly forgot to buy one today for the $30 million - d'oh)