Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What day is it again?

I don't feel like applying for work today.
So I shan't.
Best not to anyway.
I will just be silly.
They would read it and remark to their colleagues something about 'it must be a full moon', which is so trite (yet distressingly frequently true - is it a full moon?) and I don't want to be involved.
I have standards.

My tea binge is worsening my arthritis and I turn painfully in bed late at night surrounded by tolerant small purring cats, close for warmth.

I am slowed.
Like a basking lizard.
In bed with familiar books.

Yesterday was marvelous.
I could do it again today.

So I got up and scootered to my sisters to look at jobs on the computer.

But I don't feel like applying for work today.


  1. Bloody good on you. You're my new hero.

  2. Ta
    I'm a little disappointed to be working :)