Thursday, June 17, 2010

Twiddling thumbs - still nothing happening

Gosh ... wouldn't $40 million be awesome, but I think I need to stop thinking about winning the lotto.  That way lies disappointment, ey? (but golly FORTY MILLION - what I could do with forty million)

Still waiting on a separation certificate, but am going to go register for unemployment today anyway and sic the centrelink lady onto them since I do not appear to be getting anywhere - not that I've been insistent, as such - I am too polite.

Re-reading Barbara Hambly since I can't find the rest of Tamora Pierce's Lioness series.  Knocked off "The Ladies of Mandrigyn" yesterday.  Wish I knew where the hell I've put "The Silent Tower".

It's a beautiful day, I have a pimple to the left and down of my mouth and I am feeling slightly grumpy.

My sister tells me at the baby check up that they check to see if the rolls/creases of fat on the baby match on both sides.  Well I thought that was sort of interesting anyway.  One of those aspects of a job one has never previously considered - checking symmetry of baby fat rolls. 

Out of here - ciao

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