Monday, July 22, 2019


An abby-normal (vague reference to movie 'young Frankenstein') burst of energy on the weekend saw me  progress slightly on my gremlin project.

The son of one of the ladies at work grew his hair to shave for a cure.

I donated and asked for a couple of locks of hair.  The plan being to incorporate them into the gremlins.  I thought it would be cool.

However, I've been so tired, they have not grown much.  There has been a great deal more thinking and buying, than doing.

I didn't know why i suddenly felt okay to create, but then i noticed there were threads of black ash spiralling down from the sky and realised i was breathing deeply of the smoke from the grass fires in my area.

I grew up on a cane farm.

The sweet smell of burning cane and molasses, is part and parcel of my childhood.

Its going to get awkward if i have to set fire to my surroundings so i can have the energy just to mop my kichen.