Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm not really here

Young people today
they always have the television up sooo loooud

I have decided I rather like wholemeal spaghetti
I feel like I am betraying my hedonistic slacker lazy inner self
and outer self
but it was quite toothsome
does this mean I am a grown up?

I wish I owned this dog.

Fuck yes!!!!!
(my niece has just announced she feels like making biscuits for dessert)
She is complaining about how much her sister talks and enjoying her absence.

I am going to look up to see if I won lotto on saturday now.
I wish I were retired.
Work is emotionally draining and it seems silly and wimpy to say so of a business that does not involve the mental wellbeing of ones fellow human beings or stray animals or something.

I have an electric blanket now.  I just want to stay home with my electric blanket all the time.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Butter fingers

Impulse and frivolity hath won out over sensible financial management and I shall be popping to Melbourne in June to catch up with at least one friend, potentially more.  Just when I'd gotten my credit card paid off, d'oh.

My mood heavily influenced my backgammon game and I just had to see how many times my step-father could throw a two and hit my uncovered piece coming back into the game from the bar.  I ended up with ten pieces in his end and was soundly backgammoned.

There was potential for an exciting turn around, but I failed to throw a one when needed.  Unlike my step-father who appears to have the ability to call the numbers from the dice like magic.  Give me a seven, any seven sayth he, and lo, he throws a four and a three.  And hits another of my uncovered pieces.

And always, always at least two doubles or more as he is moving his pieces off the board.

Eight to one.

Hotels are next on my unthrifty list.  Shall I take a mystery wotif hotel deal?  I've always been tempted.  One says it is a five star with bathrobes.  I don't think I've ever stayed at a hotel that provided bathrobes yet.  I stayed at one as a child that had a bidet.  My fellow nine year old female friend found it more pleasurable than is proper and much giggling was heard from the bathroom.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

but will just have to do for now

not quite a cat condo

Shutter snap

breakfast by the ocean
resisted ordering the corncakes yet again
(who knew chilli in the morning could be so good?)
went with straightforward eggs and bacon
with a potato feta hash
which i've not had there yet

came in a little white ceramic bowl
looking a bit like deep fried ice-cream
next time will just order that and bacon
it was awesome in a bowl

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Red letter day

I rubbed the worming tablet with cheese and she ate it all by herself

Monday, May 16, 2011

What light through yonder window breaks? It's a train coming to kill me.

Oh Monday, what joys will you bring today?

Mother hath arrived and will be cooking lamb shank soup tonight.  Though since my sister did not gush with excitment at the prospect, but instead said "yeah, that sounds good", perhaps she won't.  It wasn't the response mother had wished for.  What mother wanted was "oh that would be awesome.  i looooove lamb shank soup.  i haven't had that for years." or something to that effect.  A mere, yeah that sounds good, from the person whose home and kitchen she is invading (and no doubt sledging in a mutter loud enough to be heard in the loungeroom - which was what happened last time she was here -because sister doesn't do things exactly the way mother does them - who knew cooking rice could be so controversial?) means that perhaps she will do the long suffering sad cooking of something completely different or perhaps even just fish and chips takeaway, with a teary 'you don't like my cooking' and more comments regarding the diet of her grandchildren ...

Who knows?
Anything could happen.
It may even be pleasant.
That's happened once or twice.
Last night was quite nice after all.
It  could be great.

(of course there wouldn't be a train coming through a window - that is just silly)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Must get my internet connected again ... all my friends probably think I'm dead

Night fell hiding my disappointed face better than a paper bag, as I reviewed the clothes I'd hung out to dry last night to find that there were no long pants and the realisation I had left my cardy at work, for tonight is a sisters birthday and it will be a chilly ride home in cotton shorts and a t-shirt highlighted by the orange safety vest with reflective stripes that I feel compelled to donn on night trips but which makes me feel somewhat dicky. 

I used my track pants to stuff a pillow case for Bubba-cat who refuses to come inside at present, after he vomited on the pillow I gave him originally.

So now here I slouch in my sisters computer chair and unfortunately reflected into the corner of my vision from the mirrored wardrobe and reminding me somewhat of my childhood when I'd creep outside to pat a kitten only to be confronted by a startlingly obese cane-toad squatting in a bowl of milk, fair stinking of gloating self-satisfaction.  I have eaten rather too much pizza and now my sister has handed me a Corona with a slice of lime in it.

Lady in the takeaway shop at lunch today spoke of her love of eating lemon with salt on it.  She recommended little bits of lemon chopped up and scattered on Vegemite and toast.  Perhaps I'll get tipsy on the weekend and try it.  It would make a change from the type of thing I generally try making when I am pissed. Certainly a great many less ingredients involved.

Smacks self in head

Five cats managed to keep my legs and feet warm (and immovable), but the throw blanket doesn't reach to my shoulders and it was a chilly ol' morning from 2:45 am onwards.  I should have gotten up and grabbed a jumper or something, but my legs and my underside were warm and I am very lazy.

Made vegetable soup in slow cooker.
Ate soup for breakfast.
Feel sick.

Probably adding the Green Ginger Wine  was a mistake.

Also I probably should have checked to see that the jar of coriander leaves had a sprinkler lid thingy before up-ending it over the pot.

And really, I should try and remember that sometimes less is more and not just put every loose thing in the fridge in.

It tastes both spicy and sweet.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011


crisp brisk morning with winter sky
my sunglasses turn the light into that beautiful golden pre-storm light you get sometimes

Monday, May 9, 2011


9am: the rain clouds drear have returned and in the tinted donga it feels like twillight
11:30am: i'm listening to 80s music and have just eaten deep fried lasagna
12:39pm: i feel oily

Friday, May 6, 2011


My hair is finally long enough again that I can put it up with a pencil - w00t!

I don't have any pretty chop-sticks though, so I stopped at a newsagency on the way to work and bought some colouring pencils.  So now I have pink and purple pencils holding my hair up to go with my lavender coloured polo shirt.

Small things please small minds, probably :D

Thursday, May 5, 2011

I am very glad it is Thursday

Well ...
*takes a breather*
what a week it has been so far
not that anything in particular has happened
just busy
and tense
and bodeing
is that a word?
probably it wouldn't be spelt with a 'e' even if it were legitimate without the for before
probably its boding
but i like adding e's to things
stomache looks so much more proper with an e
i should write to somebody about it

when i was living with mum
i wouldn't help her wash the car
unless my step-father was also helping
because when cleaning the car
somebody was always doing it wrong
would received much bad tempered critisim
and i much prefer an even chance in such situations

work has been a bit like that this week
i appear to be coasting as teachers pet
o the guilt

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


oh to sleep
perchance to rest
body clock up the creek
remaining unfixed female feline on heat
moaning periodically throughout the night