Thursday, May 5, 2011

I am very glad it is Thursday

Well ...
*takes a breather*
what a week it has been so far
not that anything in particular has happened
just busy
and tense
and bodeing
is that a word?
probably it wouldn't be spelt with a 'e' even if it were legitimate without the for before
probably its boding
but i like adding e's to things
stomache looks so much more proper with an e
i should write to somebody about it

when i was living with mum
i wouldn't help her wash the car
unless my step-father was also helping
because when cleaning the car
somebody was always doing it wrong
would received much bad tempered critisim
and i much prefer an even chance in such situations

work has been a bit like that this week
i appear to be coasting as teachers pet
o the guilt


  1. I hope and trust that the final line was sarcastic. In my experience teachers pet is a moveable feast. Enjoy it while you can.

  2. sadly no - i do dislike it when people around me are upset - i've been trying to compensate, by babbling like a fool, but fear i lightened the mood only slightly