Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm not really here

Young people today
they always have the television up sooo loooud

I have decided I rather like wholemeal spaghetti
I feel like I am betraying my hedonistic slacker lazy inner self
and outer self
but it was quite toothsome
does this mean I am a grown up?

I wish I owned this dog.

Fuck yes!!!!!
(my niece has just announced she feels like making biscuits for dessert)
She is complaining about how much her sister talks and enjoying her absence.

I am going to look up to see if I won lotto on saturday now.
I wish I were retired.
Work is emotionally draining and it seems silly and wimpy to say so of a business that does not involve the mental wellbeing of ones fellow human beings or stray animals or something.

I have an electric blanket now.  I just want to stay home with my electric blanket all the time.


  1. If one can't own K9, that looks like the only sort of dog to have. I like some of them, I just don't want one. And the cats would punish it anyway.
    Staying home with cats, electric blanket and books has a whole heap of charm.
    And you are only grown up if the reason you like wholemeal spag is because it is good for you.

  2. I'd love to get one of those robot vacuums and see how the kitties coped mwahahahahahahahaha

    Spag: cool - i am off the hook. I over spice my bol-sauce and the wholemeal stands up to it well.