Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So in some other blog I wondered past they are blogging the alphabet and I am wondering if I should do the same since I've nothing to blog about - my life being nothing but eating working sleeping and possibly more of the eating and sleeping than it should be considering the working consists of just sitting on a chair all day - and the last time I was leading this boring an existence I went with word of the day from the online dictionary - except the time I was going to blog in mirror of another blog I read - just try and take a word or theme from his and see what came out - or in fact the other time I was stalking that gorgeous boy in Seattle and making shit up based on the quotes he would change on a daily basis and endulging in fantastic flights of delusion that we were both communicating to each other in an indirect way and it was wonderful how easy that is to do with someone elses content who has no idea of ones existance - and he was so pretty - I do miss-non-interventionally cyber stalking Justin.

All else I have is my lunches and the places I go to get them.  One place I didn't go to today because I wanted a toasted ham and cheese sandwich and they like me and are lovely and start making me stuff they know I like the minute the see me and then I've not the heart then to say actually no I don't want that today - and they love their bbq sauce and I don't like bbq sauce on my BLTs but she does and thinks she is doing me a favour cause she makes them how she likes them, so I went to a different place and now I know that they love their cheese and it was much more cheese than ham.  I couldn't actually taste the ham.  So now I know that too.

Kind of an intimate detail to know about a complete stranger - foods they like and such.  I feel like I should find out what their names are now.

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