Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sooky Rant

trauma and strife
work transitioning from laid back private business style to big business
still allowed to check your stuff on the net

but being stricter about times

I usually work through my lunch and do my banking when I think of it
I have no sense of timing
I shall have to set a timer and reminder notes for myself
as we have been requested to keep it to between 12 and 1 pm

i generally come in early and read my private emails and the exploding dog cartoon whilst sorting through all the work stuff that takes so long to print since we got the new printer that isn't properly connected up to the network yet - one can read and file at the same time - damnit 

Well, I suppose on the plus side I may as well sleep in, ey?

one always gets a few extra hour of work from the field guys who never see office staff under usual circumstances because they are gone by the time we arrive anyway - one day I timed it and I gained three hours of extra work just because I turned up early (i was trying to get ahead of my backlog hahahahahahaha)

it's really just that I hate other people scheduling me


I'm, like, a free spirit, yeah?
like, totally
and I like to eat my lunch at 11 o'clock too
*blows raspberry*

 you're not the boss of me

(well actually you are and you should give me a payrise)
these are not the droids you are looking for and give madcatlady a payrise
*waves hands mysteriously significantly like a mystical alien Delvene Delaney*

(Delvene Delaney was an australian gameshow wavey/gesturey lady)
(wiki says she was co-host!?!?)

Do you suppose asking to look at the internet outside of 12 and 1 because of personal inadequacies would be acceptable?

wanders away muttering I really really have to get my internet connected at home again

My attempt at a mystical alien Delvene Delaney

P.S.  Essentially what I am saying is I  guess I am back to blogging once a week on a Saturday *sigh*


  1. Do you think that transitioning to "big-business" will mean they sort out the silly data-entry system (and the printers too, by the sounds of it)?

    If not, I think you should take any liberties you want.

  2. I think they are attempting to fix some of the computer issues, but the silly database belongs to a client and is out of our control

    Besides, the silly database kind of amuses me.

    It constantly reaffirms? confirms? my view of the world

    It is a very silly place

  3. IF, and it is a big if, they force you into a box and you can only blog on Saturdays you will be missed till then. But will brighten Saturdays no end.