Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eldest reckons 18mth said my name when looking at the photos on the fridge, but when asked to do it before witnesses 18mth smiles wickedly and says nothing.

She does similar thing to 13yr niece.  13yr niece holds out arms to 18mth.  18mth heads towards her and then ... veers off at the last moment laughing.

I swear it sounds like mwahhahahaha

15yr niece gloating that she guessed Riva Song was daughter of Amy pond and I didn't.  Chanting "I was right I was right" over and over again.

This will be my third alcohol free night in a row.  One gets into the habit of having a glass of wine everynight and then after awhile it is more than a glass of wine a night.  So this is alcohol free week with the potential of being alcohol free fortnight and maybe even alcohol free month, just to prove I can do it. 

I quit coffee now and then for similar reasons.

Doesn't work with hot chips though.