Sunday, June 26, 2011


Though I shall no doubt suffer abuse for the lack of presents by sundry nieces and nephew it will be worth it as it was a nice day in Melbourne yesterday and I had a lovely time consisting of an unfortunately early waking rewarded with a lazy three hours of hotel instant coffee drinking, channel flicking and reading of delightful book for young readers which I've not reread in over ten years and therefore didn't actually remember what it was about so I got to read a book I loved again like as new - what could be better? - for three ish hours whilst I waited for my friend to wake from her sleeping beauty like slumber, before strolling to the victoria markets and being much tempted by gloves with bows on them as a present for one niece, but then facing the facts that a) no way could I afford to spend $57 dollars on something she just won't get to wear; and b) I would be lynched by the other children if I only gave one of them a present and I wasn't going to get to go shopping for anything the others would like - after which I supped of eggs benedict and tea WHICH ONLY COST NINE DOLLARS!!!! whereas the same in Townsville would cost me (and has cost me) nearly $25 - god I love Melbourne sometimes (even though the streets are creepily wide and tree'ed - its unnatural) after which I got to laze about with more coffee/tea books and channel flicking whilst friend recovered from her bum knee playing up - and then we trammed to the Union Hotel on Brunswick Street for the BlackEyed Susans with other friends (who were also at breakfast, but I got distracted and didn't mention it before - they look fabulous - time has only improved their marvelousness) and also got to say Hi to another delightful person at the venue and discuss how great Sandra (blog link off to the side) and didn't get drunk and didn't vomit and I've not missed my plane - w00t!

all in all, a successful trip
but short
very short

I would have liked to go shopping and could have gone out on my own, only I have no sense of direction, suck at reading maps, and in fact didn't possess one - so discretion being the better part of valour??? that makes no sense, I sat about instead.

Was reading one of the wizard books by Diane Duane "The book of night with moon".

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Passing through

So am at brother-in-law's and he has burnt me a steak, just the way I like it, even though he considers it a crime and it tastes soooooooo gooooooooooood that I licked the plate and knife afterwards only it is a steak knife and now I've kind of cut my tongue a bit.

and I fly to Melbourne Friday, and hopefully the flights won't be cancelled because of the ash cloud, but the friends I am meeting are flying in earlier than me, so perhaps they won't be there and I shall be left friendless and lost in a strange cold and according to the weather bureau possibly overcast with showers city?

probably it will all be fine
this is probably just normal pre-travel jitters
except with an ash cloud

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eldest reckons 18mth said my name when looking at the photos on the fridge, but when asked to do it before witnesses 18mth smiles wickedly and says nothing.

She does similar thing to 13yr niece.  13yr niece holds out arms to 18mth.  18mth heads towards her and then ... veers off at the last moment laughing.

I swear it sounds like mwahhahahaha

15yr niece gloating that she guessed Riva Song was daughter of Amy pond and I didn't.  Chanting "I was right I was right" over and over again.

This will be my third alcohol free night in a row.  One gets into the habit of having a glass of wine everynight and then after awhile it is more than a glass of wine a night.  So this is alcohol free week with the potential of being alcohol free fortnight and maybe even alcohol free month, just to prove I can do it. 

I quit coffee now and then for similar reasons.

Doesn't work with hot chips though.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sooky Rant

trauma and strife
work transitioning from laid back private business style to big business
still allowed to check your stuff on the net

but being stricter about times

I usually work through my lunch and do my banking when I think of it
I have no sense of timing
I shall have to set a timer and reminder notes for myself
as we have been requested to keep it to between 12 and 1 pm

i generally come in early and read my private emails and the exploding dog cartoon whilst sorting through all the work stuff that takes so long to print since we got the new printer that isn't properly connected up to the network yet - one can read and file at the same time - damnit 

Well, I suppose on the plus side I may as well sleep in, ey?

one always gets a few extra hour of work from the field guys who never see office staff under usual circumstances because they are gone by the time we arrive anyway - one day I timed it and I gained three hours of extra work just because I turned up early (i was trying to get ahead of my backlog hahahahahahaha)

it's really just that I hate other people scheduling me


I'm, like, a free spirit, yeah?
like, totally
and I like to eat my lunch at 11 o'clock too
*blows raspberry*

 you're not the boss of me

(well actually you are and you should give me a payrise)
these are not the droids you are looking for and give madcatlady a payrise
*waves hands mysteriously significantly like a mystical alien Delvene Delaney*

(Delvene Delaney was an australian gameshow wavey/gesturey lady)
(wiki says she was co-host!?!?)

Do you suppose asking to look at the internet outside of 12 and 1 because of personal inadequacies would be acceptable?

wanders away muttering I really really have to get my internet connected at home again

My attempt at a mystical alien Delvene Delaney

P.S.  Essentially what I am saying is I  guess I am back to blogging once a week on a Saturday *sigh*

stoopid database

i'm one out
it only shows one record at a time
it had previously had data miss loaded
which for some reason they are unable to delete
tabbed one by one through 2,242 records
just to get to the start
and i've closed off one date on the wrong side of the date cross over

Friday, June 3, 2011

Beautiful things

My friend Niki has done some most excellent pictures of herbs. 
I am lusting after coriander and thyme *sigh*

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


So in some other blog I wondered past they are blogging the alphabet and I am wondering if I should do the same since I've nothing to blog about - my life being nothing but eating working sleeping and possibly more of the eating and sleeping than it should be considering the working consists of just sitting on a chair all day - and the last time I was leading this boring an existence I went with word of the day from the online dictionary - except the time I was going to blog in mirror of another blog I read - just try and take a word or theme from his and see what came out - or in fact the other time I was stalking that gorgeous boy in Seattle and making shit up based on the quotes he would change on a daily basis and endulging in fantastic flights of delusion that we were both communicating to each other in an indirect way and it was wonderful how easy that is to do with someone elses content who has no idea of ones existance - and he was so pretty - I do miss-non-interventionally cyber stalking Justin.

All else I have is my lunches and the places I go to get them.  One place I didn't go to today because I wanted a toasted ham and cheese sandwich and they like me and are lovely and start making me stuff they know I like the minute the see me and then I've not the heart then to say actually no I don't want that today - and they love their bbq sauce and I don't like bbq sauce on my BLTs but she does and thinks she is doing me a favour cause she makes them how she likes them, so I went to a different place and now I know that they love their cheese and it was much more cheese than ham.  I couldn't actually taste the ham.  So now I know that too.

Kind of an intimate detail to know about a complete stranger - foods they like and such.  I feel like I should find out what their names are now.