Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Passing through

So am at brother-in-law's and he has burnt me a steak, just the way I like it, even though he considers it a crime and it tastes soooooooo gooooooooooood that I licked the plate and knife afterwards only it is a steak knife and now I've kind of cut my tongue a bit.

and I fly to Melbourne Friday, and hopefully the flights won't be cancelled because of the ash cloud, but the friends I am meeting are flying in earlier than me, so perhaps they won't be there and I shall be left friendless and lost in a strange cold and according to the weather bureau possibly overcast with showers city?

probably it will all be fine
this is probably just normal pre-travel jitters
except with an ash cloud


  1. What a wonderful b-in-l, to prepare a meal to your specifications not his.

    Very reassuring to hear that someone else has similar jitters pre travel. Hopefully it will all fall into place and be FUN!

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  3. He is a good man, my brother-in-law.

    Ash cloud from volcano in chile - but its all good now :) Except still interferring with flights to Tasmania and New Zealand.

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