Friday, April 30, 2010

For some reason ...

I can't get Paul McCartney's song Waterfalls out of my head today.  They used to play the clip on the ABC sometmies when I was little.  I remember thinking the lyrics were the most lame-arsed words to a song I'd ever heard and yet it was terribly catchy.

don't go jumping waterfalls,
please, keep to the lake.
people who jump waterfalls,
sometimes can make mistakes.
Well - this a fair enough assessment of the situation.  I have no complaints with this verse.  I am still kind of fond of it.
* * *
don't go chasing polar bears
in the great unknown.
some big friendly polar bear,
might want to take you home.
Unlikely, but cutesy.  Kind of like the chasing something through the great unknown and then being invited home once found.  Possibly for tea?  Why not?  It is as unlikely as a friendly polar bear.
* * *
don't run after motor cars,
please, stay on the side.
someone's glossy motor car
might take you for a ride.
This is my sticking point.  I hate this verse.  

I remember the clip showing him wandering around a beautiful garden and then going into a little tin shed at the end and turning the light off and then loud crashing sounds as he tripped over stuff.

Just for you Paul

Necessity breeds invention

Not that I invented either photocopying oneself or the scanner, but here ya go :)

oh dear

I shouldn't be allowed near shops when I am cross or upset.  I should be locked in a room with Enya playing and those revolting chicken soup for the soul type books until I get over myself.

I've dyed my hair black.

(It's such an emo thing to do - I'm a little embarrassed now)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shitty day

May I say, there is no point in abusing or lecturing a receptionist if the person you are trying to get hold of does not return your calls.  .

I can sympathise, and do.

I can advise I have spoken to the individual personally and they have definately received your message.  I can advise I have made them aware you have called a number of times already and they are getting to you as soon as they possibly can.  Lecturing or speaking sternly to me in no way advances the process. 

Usually these things don't bother me so much, but the lady today managed to hit exactly the same tone and cadence as my dad when he was lecturing me about dental hyigene when I was five.  That same edge of frustration, disappointment and 'why can't you do such a simple thing'.

I have people getting cross with me at work already because they are having to cover calls for sick colleagues.

I was going to be terribly fugal this fortnight (apart from the supersoaker), but  now I feel the need to go buy myself something nice.

I was nearly attacked by a pony at 4 am

It didn't sound like a pony though.

I heard dogs, woke and dashed to shoo them away.  My Bubba-cat and Michael-cat refuse to sleep indoors at present.  They spend the whole night whinging, howling and scratching at the door if I attempt it.

Bubba-cat is old and smart and doesn't run, but Michael-cat is a runner and if you are a cat and you run then the dogs will chase.

So I race outside in my sleeping atire of raggedy shorts and tank top, poor unsupported breasts bouncing more than is comfortable or dignified, and out the gate to the desserted house next door where my cats sleep on the top step, and there it was ...

It was good I'd thought to turn on the carport light, else I'd not have seen it and kept going.  It was standing so still and intent - not staring at the cat.  It was staring at me.  It was going to go me.  It wanted too.  You could see it in it's stance. 

Once I'd noticed it and stopped, it growled a little.  Very softly.

When cats are in danger my normal fear of dogs recedes.   I've dived in before when a large dog with a jaw like a rottweiller was attacking a beautiful old ginger cat near my sisters house in Sydney, but my brain still works to some degree.  So I went off to grab the hose.  Damn thing wasn't connected.  By the time I got it hooked up and on, the dog was gone - which was what I wanted anyway, but still ... time is of the essence in these situations.

So first thing I buy today with my pay is a supersoaker to keep by the door.  Loaded heavy on the citronella.

That pony is going down.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ode to a Sandwich

The Horror!
Innards splashed across floor

Does the three second rule apply?
Can we stuff em back in if we are spry?

I suppose we can’t save them all
An occasional sandwich has to hit the floor
Leaving no option but to withdraw

And go to the pub for lunch

I miss sunday drives

When living in Brisbane I would go driving in my mother's car with the music up loud, singing along at the top of my lungs.  Quite probably very badly.

There was a lovely circle of roads near Redland Bay.  Hilly and curvy with rolling green fields and trees, a winery and picturesque cows.  Sometimes I'd just drive the circuit for an hour or so.  Sometimes I would drive out of town around Maleny and the Glasshouse Mountains.  Those black and white cows are so funky looking.

There was just a tape deck in the car then. 
The best of Harry Belafonte used to get a go now and then.
The things I used to do to Kate Bush songs was probably criminal.

A new day ...

... and I am feeling strangely positive this morning, even though sleep still weights my extremities.

There were emails from friends waiting to be read when I logged on and whilst reading them I am yet again delighted at how delightful my friends are. 

So I am sitting here smiling at my monitor whilst construction work reverberates through the wall of reception and clouds dim the morning glare and the large coffee consumed slowly permeates my being and really, is there a better way to start the day?

I am content.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Hello Hello Hello

I did nothing interesting over the weekend.  Worked Saturday.  Slept Sunday.  Read Monday.

I had such good intentions.  I even started cleaning a bit and did three or four loads of washing, but then I started reading the last book of the Mistborn series and next thing I knew it was 11 o'clock at night and I'd missed Good News Week.

I still have a bit of an eye strain headache cause I leave my glasses at work, so that I don't forget them.

oh bugger
how embarrassment


So it just occurred to me I should put my glasses on, since I mentioned them and didn't see them on my desk, so of coruse the darn things were in my handbag all along and I could have worn them yesterday after all.

retreats muttering

Edit 7:53 pm: HA!  Sister reading first book in series got so caught up she forgot to put glasses on too.  So that proves I'm not just a dill - Brandon Sanderson is just too good.  He needs to have more care of his readers.  Probably I should write to  him and ask him to put a warning at the beginning of his books reminding people to put their glasses on.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday still at work

Gosh darn it! 
The ever so delightful one (a favourite blogger) has gone invite only again.

*throws up hands in exasperation*

I feel terribly rejected now

Do you suppose it is because I click on his blog fifty thousand times a day?

But I gotta!
He's sneaky!
Sometimes he puts stuff up and then takes it off again.
I could miss something!

Saturday Working

filing to best of Warren Zevon
co-worker ipoding the Monkeys

Friday, April 23, 2010

Learnt something new about myself

Okay, like, I know I am a mad cat lady - and not a cutsy mad cat lady wot dress her one or two cats up and buys them lots of shit and has one of those cat shaped blackboards to right my shopping list on - I am more of an unkempt, unwashed mad cat lady with fifty thousand cats on every possible surface and a really really bad smell wot the RSPCA come and take all the cats away from (though not at that stage yet and I do try to be sensible), but ... this may be my new favourite website

I don't understand why I find this such a turn on.

Maybe - Couldha

May have been the cause of some slight domestic disagreement this morning, when a large white Landcruiser type vehicle started to change lanes into me without using their flicker.

Could see some sharp gestures exchanged betwen the front seats after they noticed me and ceased in their attempt to kill me.

I'd hate to be killed by accident.
If I have to die, I'd rather somebody was happy about it.

Failing in my duty of care of the little grey matter

Am reading some very silly books at the moment.

The premise being; group of greek gods guards are jealous that Pandora is picked to guard the box.  They decide to show the gods how tuff they are and that they made the wrong choice.  They steal the box, open it, with the plan being to put all the demons back in after they escape, to show their superiority.  They fail and as punishment the escaped demons, who are too strong to be held by anything but the special box which has disappeared, the escaped demons possess the guards who are banished to earth.

They are immortal and to start with the demons of pain, wrath etc hold control and do much damage, but as time has passed the guards have control and lead an uneasy existance with their demons. For instance, the guard housing pain has to cut himself all the time to 'feed' the demon and maintain control.

It's so very Emo.  Of course, all this is solved by the love of the right woman and lots of sex.

I can feel my brain's rotting as I read.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Observed through glass

Thin, tanned blond in short black skirt and singlet, with months worth of dark roots, yelling loud enough for me to hear her metres away through the glass sliding doors and over construction noise, "... every f*cking day" at toddler, less than two years old who is crying because she has just fallen down whilst walking behind mother, who roughly and resentfully picks her up and carries her as she continues past.

Giving myself a headache

the psychokiller inside wants to tear throat with teeth
spray her blood cross reception desk. 
rip still beating heart from chest
throw it into the waste paper bin. 
gouged smug eyeballs
tape to the top of the monitor in humourless jest.

I really hate being lectured by people I don't like
particularly in such a patronizing tone

her happy humming, content at having exercised her (non-existent) authority over me grates on my nerves and reminds me of how happy my mother gets after she has made a waitress cry


I did say I was in a bad mood today.

Also ...

Also I am really freaking bored.

Express yourself

I am feeling terribly grumpy today
Holding on to my temper by my teeth
Want to snap at everybody
I am as scary as a growling teacup chihuahua in a handbag

Grumble grumble grumble

It is ridiculous the things my body does to me if I don't get enough sleep.  Things I can normally eat/drink first thing in the morning suddenly are rejected with prejudice. 

When I was off work and sleeping late I was using a quarter, perhaps even less, the amount of painkillers I normally.  The restorative powers of sleep are so frequently disregarded.  It is the enemy that sucks away time in which they could be doing other things.

I read an article recently of a woman in her forties with my kind of arthritis who has gone back to university.  It talked about all the little practicalities involved.  She can't carry her own books and has to pay somebody else to do it for her.  Has a laptop with her to take notes because she can't take handwritten notes.  If she has a big day she has to take the next off to recover.  Just stays home and rests.

I stayed up till 11ish reading. 
Was woken around 4:30 by Bubba-cat howling at the stray tom.
The man delivering the post remarked that I look terrible.

I would prefer to look terrible from a night of drinking and debauchery or something, damnit!  Not just cause I was reading a trashy romance book butchering greek mythology for its jollies.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


It is grey.
I try to imagine a future where I am elsewhere.
Elsewhere not necessarily far from here.
Preferably home actually
(without the cat vomit you sweet mongrel animals)
With a larger bed, a furry blanket and lots of pillows.

I shall imagine myself in bed with a book and hot chocolate and my neck won’t hurt and when I get to the naughty bits in the book, someone warm will snuggle up behind me and nibble on my neck and ask if I’m hungry, and I’ll attempt a smoky narrow-eyed look (like wot they do in stories) and say I’m famished and he’ll say great - can you get me some beans on toast or something while you're up.

Running out of ideas for post headings

Babysitting last night was uneventful.  Eggs Benedict and tea at the cafe I pass on the way to work was lovely.  Essentially I got nothing for ya's.  Nothing towhinge about at all.  All is right in the world and I am feeling rather sated and sleepy.

I found this yesterday when searching for ANZAC things for a display at work and think it fabulous.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Have been lent some trashy books to read

I bid thee good morrow and hope I get to do so again tomorrow. 

I made soup in slow cooker and turned it off when going to bed with intent to get up again when it had cooled to refridgerate, but fell properly asleep without waking till morning.  A rare thing as I usually wake multiple times a night in response to feline movement.  I shall probably get salmonella and die in the night when I eat it for dinner.

Though, actually ... I am babysitting tonight  - which means I'll probably be eating at my sisters -  so I will be here to say hello tomorrow and it's Thursday that will be iffy, ey?

It was meant to be more of a stew, but I fed the cats before starting and one sneaked away and started eating the diced steak I'd bought and had yet to put away.  I should know better.  So now it is vegetable and bean soup. 

I cheat when I make vegetable soups and buy unsweetened vegetable juice to add.  I like a lot of taste.  The masterchef judges would turn up their noses and say I over season and don't have my balance right.  I blow raspberries in their general direction.  I shall make soup any old way I like, so there!

Except I wouldn't say that, cause they are cuties. 
Probably I'd just giggle inanely and blush.

Or maybe I wouldn't be able to even giggle due to feelings of guilty voyeurism because I watch 'Boys Weekend' and enjoy watching them leap about all wet and partially clothed in swimming pools and such, just a little bit more than is proper.

I shall go open the mail now and refrain from thinking about the potential symbolism of the letter opener slipping into the small opening under the lip of the envelope and slowly widening it as it runs along the edge and ... I think I should get myself a cold glass of water first.

Monday, April 19, 2010

*yawn and sleepy smacking of lips*

Re-wearing a shirt that doesn't smell too bad today, as it rained in the night and I've no dry clothes.  Though I've worn damp clothes in the past and indeed recent times, given a choice I'd rather not. 

I am wearing the red roses shirt I bought at the op-shop in Brisbane.  My hunting skills at finding it for the bargin price of $6 have garnered praise from my fellow office drudges.

I am more enthusastic at finally finding where I'd put my black trousers.  I've been looking for them for the past couple of weeks and could find them no where.  Turned out they were hanging up in my closet.  It is no wonder I've been having trouble finding them.  I usually only put clothes I don't wear there.

It is a grey overcast day, suitable only for curling up in bed with cats and books (well, possibly also suitable for curling up with other people, but overall I prefer cats - to each their own, ey?)

Work is hiring a security guard to hang about out front for the next week due to an unhappy client with a history of violence.  Won't be telling mother about that.

The family made me pose for photos on my brother's red ducati before he left Sunday.  I've not seen them yet.  They'll probably be horrible.  I don't think I will be posting them.

Another day another dollar

Back at work and I've not yet done my hair or had coffee. 
All go from get go.
I could happily go back to bed for the week.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Why my pants were wet at dinner

When I arrived at my hotel for Friday night, I immediately dived into the bath for a soak, since I've only a shower at my flat and one gets these urges when one is denied something.

Anyhoo ... when I emerged all clean and rosy I laid out my clothes for the evening and ... well ... I'd been wearing the same trousers for the last couple of days and I thought they were a little wiffy.  Probably not that anybody would notice or anything, but.

So then I thought to myself, they are a synthetic material and dry quickly - why don't I just give the crotch of the trousers a wash and lay them out on a chair while I have a nap for a couple of hours till dinner time.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but sadly my ideas of drying time are based on Townsville weather and they were far from dry when I woke and the hairdryer really just warmed it up rather than make any difference on the saturation levels and since they were the only trousers I brought with me, I pretty much just had to wear them anyway.

It feels odd.  I am not sure I shall be looking forward to that part of the aging process.


Visited Uncle Sidney.  Was treated to lunch and sat about listening to music.  Made my way to town in time for all the school children and young adults to flood the walkways, so no shopping for me.  Fled to my hotel and bathed and napped until frazzled nerves recovered. 

Ate Thai - delicious and wandered down to the Hi Fi by 8 ish.

Papa -v- Pretty first support.  Loud and thumpy.  Initially distracted by the sprays and fountains of spit blossoming forth from singers mouth, like translucent fireworks.  Spray of flower like dimensions interspersed with rocket like bits shooting out to hang in the air and then fall away.  Was very into them by about their fifth or sixth song which featured the word "wreckingball" and I know not what else - I am not very good at catching what people are singing if I don't' know the songs.  Bought their EP.  I felt old just looking at them.  Somebody said they are only in Grade 12.  Bass player had excellent hair.  Liked them alot :)

Next Dan Kelly and his Dream Band made up of Kiernan (whom I was not expecting to see), Indra and Dave.  Indra and Kiernan resplendent in sarong skirts.  Dave in long white shorts, bright red hawian shirt and straw hat.  Dan in the stary shirt I want and his aviator cap which I lust for and was too far away to even attempt to steal.  My little patch of crowd would not SHUT THE FUCK UP.  They also had annoying laughs.  Not that I am standing on rock in which to pitch stones from.  My giggle has been likened to Betty Rubbles. Opened with Fire and Theft, which I adore and continued on with Catholic Leader and Classical DJ for Dandenong Station (I apolgise for my spelling and this airport keyboard which is dire) which the people around me nearly listened to.  Bindi Irwin Apocalypse Jam, The Decomissioner (which I like a lot) and Dan Kelly's Nightmare (I missed the Ukeladies in the background on the do-it-dos).  The rumble of background chatter never stopped. 

I was regretting my sobriety and suffering crowd rage and my neck started hurting - probably because I had tensed up whilst imagining punching the blond chick with the phone in the nose - and I am afraid the sardine-esque crowd got the better of my nerves and I ran away after Paul Dempsey finished his first song and why are people always lurking in that last turn of the stairway?  I shall become paranoid.

So my Friday was a bit of a fail and I am a chicken weiner dog nancy girl, though also a dutiful niece and a responsible adult.  Had much more fun when off my face Thursday night.  DK & Dream will undoubtedly be a delight at the troubadour in May and I won't be there because it is a Friday and I won't be able to get the day off work and I am damned if I am going to go to Cronulla, so I shall just have to make do with the cd when it is available.

I was very tempted by the tea-towel available in the merchandise.

Edit:  and a song about going to spain? with two lesbians.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Smell ya later

Drank more than I should and woke without retribution.

Am in search of food and then chugging my way to visit Uncle Sidney.

Mr Salter was most excellent, however much to my regret he very responsibly asked people to stand and move forward since it looked like they had a full house, so from then on could see nothing from my comfortable chair in the corner.  My laziness was rewarded by the pleasurable sight of Scott Regan (I may have his name spelt wrong - the one at the front) lurking around there.  He is a delight to the eyes.  Always looks elegant.  Lucky it was a dark corner I was sitting in and he was unaware of my leering.

Mr Liddiard also very wonderful and sang Sixteen Straws at the end - bounces excitedly

I should send them presents for being so great.  I had an excellent night and they were giving away posters as I was leaving :)

PS.  we got cold and sober, oh my, locust, jezebel, the new song about the tightrope walker whose name I cannot remember but starts with a B - blondal? something - and more

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jiggling about with legs crossed

7:48 pm and I am wasting time before the Troubadour opens at 8 pm. 

I think I found the place that I consumed the awesome tandorri chicken pizza the last time in company of a friend and it was a sad disappointment. 

I also failed to conqueur the urge to get pissed on arrival and a bottle of yellowglen has hit the wastepaper basket in my hotel room. 

I drifted over to Ric's after dinner and listened to a young lady with awesome hair for half an hour.  She did a very nice rendition of Ric Bunga's "Sway" and a good Jewel - i forget the name of the song but I like it a lot.  I liked her original songs as well.  There was one song about one-sided love, but I am no good at hearing what people are singing and a bunch of her friends was sitting close and I lack the courage to go buy a CD. 

I look anal with my hair pinned up and my heavy black framed glasses on, armoured in my grey cardigan over purple velvet short dress and black trousers.  My usual terror of being in unfamiliar places riding my back, though blurred somewhat by the champagne.

Had fun shopping in lifeline stores.    There was a store with emo/goth type clothes - a plethoria of bustias (sp?) and long lacey skirts.  If only I had an obscene amount of money and 20 kg less of belly - sigh.  If only my calves were slim enough to don those overly buckled boots.

Saw a young lady in Ric's Place (I think that's the name anyway, I could be wrong) wearing denim shorts and over the knee boots with a practical slit at the back to the back of the knee.  Refrained from laughing out loud, though fear I smirked in an unladylike manner.  Liked some of the paintings displayed.  $140/190 ish I think.  I am being strong like steel.  I shall not buy. 

I shall think of my Wombat-kitten whose birthday it is tomorrow and who has unfortunately come on full-heat just as I leave for my trip and whom will probably torture my poor neighbour with her involuntary and puzzled cries for something she doesn't understand.   Poor kitty.  She looked so out of control last night.  I even got to pat her without shedding blood.

signing off in the hope that Troubadour has now opened and I can go to the bathroom.

Passing through

I finished The Well of Ascension (sp?) and Brandon Sanderson surprised me.  I know he was hitting one over the head with a mallet with the idea, but I did not even contemplate the ending.  No thought lent to it at all.  Not even a 'what if'. That man deserves a cookie.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Struggling to focus

I am ridiculous today. 

I have not done the washing.

I have yet to pack the clothes I should have washed.

I am going away for two days and packing seems silly.

I contemplate taking an empty bag and buying something to wear when I get there.

I should save my money as the oil light on my scooter refuses to go out even though I have topped the oil up.

I am nervous and worried and excited and none of my friends will be there, so the entire trip will be anticlimatic because half the fun of travelling to gigs in the past has been being with my friends.

I am trying to remember where I had that awesome tandori chicken pizza that gave me indigestion last time and was entirely worth it.

The place I am staying on the second night had a bath last time I was there and I can go spend stupid amounts of money at Lush and have a bubble laiden scented soak with a book and perhaps a little bit of booze and maybe candles? or would that set off the smoke alarm?  besides which not very good to read by.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

14 Minutes to go ...

... and the heavens have opened
*shakes fist at sky*
I am not looking forward to riding my scooter in this
It will be cold
*pouts sulkily*
and where has March gone?!
I may as well exclaim slightly crankily
since I am complaining about other things
it drives me nuts when you do that

not my march - other blogger's march
(don't mind me - typing to myself again)

I don't like getting wet
that is not quite true

I don't like cold rain hitting the back of my neck
and soaking down the back of my shirt
and dripping down the crack of my arse


I dont' like how when one is riding a scooter
in the rain
an inequitable amount of that water
is funneled down ones front
to pool in ones crotch

they are not nice feelings

Edit:  only a bit nuts - love him to pieces
(in a reader to blogger way - not a psycho stalker way)

Edit Edit:  Gosh Darnit to Heck!  It is not getting any lighter

Bounce Bounce Bounce

Good morning *greeting practically sung in an appallingly cheery voice - vibrating with goodwill*

I have possessed a copy of Book Two of Mistborn for weeks, but have not been able to make myself read anything new. 

I don't understand this new relationship I have with books.  I lived and breathed to read.  It kept me sane.  If I were not eating or sleeping I would be reading.  Sometimes reading instead of sleeping.  Sometimes reading instead of eating.  I would very nearly have anxiety attacks if I did not have a book with me when I left the house.  This new 'meh' attitude to picking up a new book to read is ... incomprehensible to me.

However, having said that I started The Well of Ascension last night and it is AWESOME!

I knew it would be and it is - isn't that wonderful :)

*happy sigh*

My friend agreed that I was a doofus head for not noticing the A.Ron thing before.  Though she spelt doofus dufus.  I wonder which is correct?  I like doofus better.  It reminds me of phooey.  Which reminds me of snoopy.  Snoopy is cool.

My Blossom-cat woke me from a dead sleep by knocking my vomit bowl off a bookcase he had jumped on.  The vomit bowl is not currently in use, that is just where I keep it.  It is one of those steel mixing bowls and makes a loud almost ringing noise when it hits the ground.  Gong like.

My beloved Bubba-cat then proceeded to vomit oceanfish flavoured catfood over my sandles.  I did not feel up to attempting to clean it up this morning and read some more of the book instead.  Something to look forward to when I get home, ey?  Maybe the other cats will eat the vomit before I get home?  Like that unfortunately incident when I last used the vomit bowl after I'd drunk too much gin & tonic after eating bbq chicken.  I cannot recommend it as an early morning discovery when one is direly hungover.

Monday, April 12, 2010


I have a not-quite-a headache. 
a heat/heaviness/low-grade ache
kind of like period pain
in the muscles at the join of skull to spine
circling round under jaw
and base of tongue
almost like I am being gently choked

fingers to the back of the head
and thumbs either side of throat

If only I were into that whole erotic asphyxiation thing
I could be having a very good day

So ...

If you noticed a woman with "RESTRAINT" written across her inner wrists with niko (or for those people who don't know what a niko is translate that to permanent marker or texter), what would you think?

Cause that is where I was thinking would be a good place.

So that I would notice it everytime I go to pay for something.

It's quiet ... too quiet

Days like this I would find something repetitive to do and let my mind wander, but it is already absent without leave.  Perhaps it is canoodling with a fancy?  Whilst I work slow to make it last.

And nobody is blogging and nobody is emailing. 
Nobody has been busy.

Wish I was.

Don't Panic

Lifting files brought on the stoopid headache. 
I can't believe I can't even lift files now.
I am a delicate flower, ey?
Stoopid arthritis.

and pretty too!  Eye candy galore.
And shopping!
Actual shopping in non-cheap-chain-stores. 
Shops that aren't Millers.
Dangerous timing though. 
I get paid the day I fly to Brisbane.
Large bookshops.  Shops just for socks.  There's a shop in Myers I used to buy wigs from.  It's a lot easier and cheaper in the long run to just wear a wig when one feels like being blonde.
Friday I shall be able to rise lateish and cruise over to the Queen Street Mall and purve at young men in suits wondering city streets in search of lunch.  It's been ages since I purved at suited boys.
And I shall be able to buy merchandise at the gigs, which hardly ever happens, cause I've usually spent all my spare cash on flights and accommodation.
I shall have to write "RESTRAINT" in large black letters on my arm, to remind myself not to spend all my money and end up starving for the rest of the fortnight.
Do you know?  I only just noticed that A.Ron, is practically Aaron.  Aaron Ron Cupples is a musician who was in "Dan Kelly and the Alpha Males" and is in Civil Civic - the band blog link is on the right hand side of the page - I have a friend who is besotted with everything he has done - and I've seen his name written as A.Ron since a couple of years ago and I only just noticed A.Ron/Aaron.  And people get embarrassed about the three second delay in getting a joke.  Aye Currumba.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Feeling Needy

Volunteered to do some filing at work today.
Am a little understimulated and my neck is starting to hurt.
Am checking blog every half an hour or so.
Somebody talk to me?
Any topic.
Pick a topic.
Will even welcome abuse.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Oops sorry - Imma runnin' late

Holy cow Funstar -  it looks complicated - do I have to come up with twelve poets?  I don't know twelve poets?  It's like pyramid selling except its poetry.  I may pass this instance, cause I haven't had my rhyming on lately and my brain isn't functioning and I feel sick (but that is probably just from lack of sleep - I am a sooky-la-la baby).  I've been up since 3:30 am catching and packing my excess cats to smuggle to a friend-of-my-sisters for the day.

For anybody visiting expecting poetry, here are some links to past efforts:
Skeleton Poem
Feel like going back to bed
Ode to my underwear
Good Morning
Afternoon at Work

Catching and packing the cats, scootering to my sisters to borrow her car, drive back and pick up the cats and their accessories (eg water dish etc) drive to friend-of-sister who is putting them up for the day, drive to my sister's home to exchange car for scooter and go home again took an hour and a half - 4am to 5:30 am.

Sweepin' and moppin' and vaccumin' from 5:30 am to 7:30 am.

My body got to work on time, but I appear to have left my brain at home.  It's probably still asleep curled up on my pillow.  I hope it doesn't stain.

Thank god I remembered my mobile today.  I shall phone ahead to my sisters to see if The Parent is there.  She was expecting to arrive 11 ish today, but she is staying at a hotel, so I could get lucky.  Darned if I know how I am going to sneak sisters car to collect cats if she is at the house.

Have had two coffee's today, but they are doing me no good.  Coffee has lost its hold on me.

Once upon a time I used to think I had a normal family

Thursday, April 8, 2010


BHJ has gone and been brilliant again.

Sometimes I get jealous/avarice of brilliant people.  I want to chain them up in a basement and keep all their writing / singing / songwriting / paintings for myself.  I want to hoard them.  Shove them between the books in my bookcase.  Clog up my cupboards with them.  Have so many brilliant people laying scattered about my home that there are only little narrow walkways left between essential parts eg. bedroom to fridge to bathroom.

Word of the Day

1. A migraine.
2. A fancy; a whim.
3. In the plural: lowness of spirits -- often with 'the'.

How delightful.  I've not heard this word for years.  I have the megrims frequently.  I shall endeavour to remember to use it next time.
Feeling somewhat blah today and having trouble getting going. 
Woolliff-cat has been a bit of a cuddle-monster of late and Blossom-cat is jealous and pugnicious about it.  Waits until Woolliff is busy in the litter tray and then pounces on him. 
Was slightly bent looking into the top drawer for socks this morning and Wombat-kitten, who was on the bed, used my back as a bridge to get to the top of the drawers.  I really have to teach her to keep her claws in someday.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I never could get the hang of Wednesdays

I have a weird still feeling.   Like I am in a bubble or my ears are a little blocked or something. 

There are noises around.  Rumbling, crashing and banging from building sites and cars, but they are all external of the room I occupy and distant. 

The automatic opening sliding glass door more like a television screen.  The picture doesn't seem real. 

The slanting late afternoon sunlight and diffused fluorescents clash and contrast strangely in my sight, turning the potplants a plastic fake green and seemingly too structural to be natural.  Closer to a vent off the ducted airconditioning, they move gently, threateningly, like restless triffods. 

It seems wrong to move. 
A disturbance of administrative order. 
I should have dust settled on me to show I belong.

Sometimes offices feel creepy.  Probably I should go home before I become any more nuts, ey?

My doom aside - Good Morning

Weather is cooling.
Woke to four cats snuggling on my single bed with me.
Two each side.
A kind of feline apartied.
Black cats on one side.
Tabby cats t'other.

I wonder how popular I could get this winter if I buy an electric blanket?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If only I had sprung forth from a rock egg like Monkey

Have I mentioned I have a rental inspection on Friday?
And that my mother is arriving Thursday?
And that I normally leave my extra cats at my sisters during rental inspections?
And mother thinks I only have two cats?
And that she will go to my sisters first thing when she arrives?

My sister is asking around her friends to see if anybody will let me smuggle my beautiful Blossom-cat and Wooliff-cat and Wombat-kitten at their house for the day, so that we don't get sprung by The Parent.  Else we are going to have to brace for drama and tears.

Do I sound tense?
I'm a little tense.
Bear with my bubbling choking terror over these next few days.
Anticipation of visits from mother make me crazy.
Rental inspections make me crazy.
Travelling makes me crazy.
Probably everything will be fine.
Totally fine.
Yep. Fine.

Edit 6:30pm :  SCORE!!!  Sister has a friend who will let me drop my cats off.  Sister is dropping cage over tomorrow afternoon.  Sister is good. Friend of sister is good.

Edit 8:04 pm:  The Parent just called and she will be arriving Friday.  So now I just have to work out how I can borrow my sisters car and pick up the cats without attracting Mums attention - which will be tricky cause she will be expecting me to be here to greet her and probably have dinner  - borrowing are car will lead to her inquiring why I need the car and if I fib and say I just need to buy a few things she may very well offer to drive me herself or something.

I'm 40 next year.
This is undignified, isn't it?

I hate travelling

Have just booked accommodation for Brisbane trip and it is ridiculous how anxious I get doing stuff like this.  Butterflies in my stomach and slight dizzy feeling.  Very silly. 

Halfway through booking the room I suffer concern that I have the days wrong.  Have to go google gig dates.

Go back to booking rooms and suddenly am worried I have booked the flights wrong? Have to go check flight information.

Finish booking rooms and am now worrying if I have all the ticket information I need? 


So just to stop myself from being an idiot I have printed out all the flight information and ticket information and clipped it into a bundle so that it looks organised and hopefully I won't feel a desperate need to recheck it until closer to the date (which I will do probably a couple of times a day starting from a few days before I am due to go away - I am such an idiot).

PS.  I don't need therapy - I know it is just because I don't have an emergency fund for if things go wrong and I've missed a flight before and had to call my sister to get me home.

PPS.  Actually I nearly missed a second flight in Adelaide too.

PPPS.  I am totally going to be sober as a judge whilst away no matter how nervous I get in crowds of people I don't know and am taking extra alarm clocks and maybe even will ring for a wake up call.

PPPPS.  Perhaps I will ask Bec to text me a reminder to check that I haven't sent the alarm for pm instead of am yet again for the fifty millionth time.

Monday masquerading as Tuesday

Receptionist I am filling in for gets back today.  My contract has been extended till the end of May.  She is never particularly happy to see me.  They are going to ask her to take client interviews and leave me as receptionist. 

Have no idea how this suggestion is going to be taken. 
Potential to be an dramatic morning.

Edit: 8:36 am - usually she is here by now?
Edit Edit:  not coming in today - taking another week off - drama delayed

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oh and also

I bought matching slippers too :)

Dressing Gown - alternate title: if only i had a brain

My choices were many.  In the weeks pending pay day I pondered my options and decided on the blue and white one.  It turned out to only be in stock in small and could not encompass the sweeping expanse of my arse.  I purchased the pale green one with roses instead :)

A very lazy long weekend so far.  The quandary of whether to rise early and secret easter eggs around my niece's and nephews yard resolved by them going camping out at the farm.

I have let myself into their home, driven by the urge for avocado on toast with salt & pepper and a squeeze of lime juice.  I don't own a toaster.  Must do something about that one day.

I suspect my beloved Blossom-cat is stealing my pillow as I type.

I know I said I was going to post this yesterday, but .... when I entered the pre-paid credit voucher into the computer it kept saying it was an invalid number.  I went back to the newsagency to check they hadn't given me something meant only for a mobile phone or something instead, but no.  Tried a few more times on the off chance it was just some kind of connection glitch.  Notification popped up to say I'd had to many tries and now needed to contact telstra on 1258880.  Tried to call that number and the recordings only seemed to give mobile phone options.  Called four or five times to test the various options as there was no 'press star to go backwards' option.

Was feeling a little cross.  Sat down to sulk.  Suddenly realised that I'd bought a virgin pre-paid credit and that I was actually with Telstra for my internet.


Looked at the back of the box the sticky thing had come in.  Realised the service number looks the same as a mobile phone number.  Realised this was the box for the second stick I had bought when the cats broke the first one and therefore this service number was no good to me as I had put the old sim card into the new stick and that I had no idea where the first box was.

Had brilliant idea of then just getting the second sim card activated, but after sitting on hold and listening to music for ten or more minutes after being put through by the automated service, concluded there was nobody picking up and gave up. 

Reminded myself it was long weekend/Easter and people are allowed to have time off and don't have to stay slaving away at work just because I want something.  Read a book instead.

Friday, April 2, 2010


The eldest asked her husband to go get her a sausage in bread - so that she could fold it and eat it one handed - rather than a bun. 

Husband did not see bread out. 

Husband is an engineer type person.

Instead of asking for sandwich bread he has cut a groove into a halved bun, so that the sausage sits neatly inside.

Caitlyn Rose

I can't help but feel I look a bit worried here.

Possibly my latest niece Caitlyn had just made a suspicious noise deep down in her innards?

Possibly I was experiencing a sudden realisation that a three month old baby isn't big enough to hide behind when somebody is sneakily taking your photo.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


I got paid today!
so I can go buy that dressing gown I wanted :)
I've been looking forward to this for weeks
and I can buy some internet for at home over the long weekend too
and perhaps I shall take a photo of it
(the dressing gown not the internet)
and you will probably think it boring and plain
and not understand why i wanted it
probably y'all prefer those terry towelling kind
thick plush cotton robes
or those fake velvety velor things
or floaty silky nylon shit
you will say it looks like something a granny would wear
*blows raspberry*

Day before holidays

lets face it
i am going mental today
there are things i could do
but i don't wanna

so really that means i am torturing myself

i am sure i have previously floated the idea that my subsconcious hates me and takes every given oportunity to sabotage me

which means subconscious-me is also sabotaging itself
which would mean i am at the mercy of a sadistic-masochist

which sounds horrible, doesn't it?
i suffer, right?
so, like, you should all be super nice to me, right?

i want a pony


I'm bored and I can't change my header photo again because it has been less than twenty-four hours since I did that before and changing it again seems frivolous and besides I rather like all the wallpaper and was thinking it would look really funky if I ever own a home of my own, which I don't really expect to do cause I am reckless and thoughtless with money and have no self control and there is nothing interesting me on the net and the pizza is delayed, cause they forgot to make one, and did I mention we are having pizza at work today? well we are, cause of the long Easter weekend.

There were some kids in the office this morning.  Two 5 year olds, a 4 year old and a 13 year old.  We were doing some drawing whilst their parents were in meetings. Above is my drawings and below is the 13 year olds (except for teh dragon which is also mine).  I am contemplating whether I should stick them to the lunchroom fridge or not.

The five and four year olds gave their pictures to their mother.

Thinkin' stuff

Well gosh darnit!
I should have held out.
I have no self control.
Don't think I am going to be able to get another day off but.
Only got away with April's because I booked it before they extended my contract.
If only it were a saturday.

*hums thoughtfully*