Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I hate travelling

Have just booked accommodation for Brisbane trip and it is ridiculous how anxious I get doing stuff like this.  Butterflies in my stomach and slight dizzy feeling.  Very silly. 

Halfway through booking the room I suffer concern that I have the days wrong.  Have to go google gig dates.

Go back to booking rooms and suddenly am worried I have booked the flights wrong? Have to go check flight information.

Finish booking rooms and am now worrying if I have all the ticket information I need? 


So just to stop myself from being an idiot I have printed out all the flight information and ticket information and clipped it into a bundle so that it looks organised and hopefully I won't feel a desperate need to recheck it until closer to the date (which I will do probably a couple of times a day starting from a few days before I am due to go away - I am such an idiot).

PS.  I don't need therapy - I know it is just because I don't have an emergency fund for if things go wrong and I've missed a flight before and had to call my sister to get me home.

PPS.  Actually I nearly missed a second flight in Adelaide too.

PPPS.  I am totally going to be sober as a judge whilst away no matter how nervous I get in crowds of people I don't know and am taking extra alarm clocks and maybe even will ring for a wake up call.

PPPPS.  Perhaps I will ask Bec to text me a reminder to check that I haven't sent the alarm for pm instead of am yet again for the fifty millionth time.

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