Monday, April 12, 2010

Don't Panic

Lifting files brought on the stoopid headache. 
I can't believe I can't even lift files now.
I am a delicate flower, ey?
Stoopid arthritis.

and pretty too!  Eye candy galore.
And shopping!
Actual shopping in non-cheap-chain-stores. 
Shops that aren't Millers.
Dangerous timing though. 
I get paid the day I fly to Brisbane.
Large bookshops.  Shops just for socks.  There's a shop in Myers I used to buy wigs from.  It's a lot easier and cheaper in the long run to just wear a wig when one feels like being blonde.
Friday I shall be able to rise lateish and cruise over to the Queen Street Mall and purve at young men in suits wondering city streets in search of lunch.  It's been ages since I purved at suited boys.
And I shall be able to buy merchandise at the gigs, which hardly ever happens, cause I've usually spent all my spare cash on flights and accommodation.
I shall have to write "RESTRAINT" in large black letters on my arm, to remind myself not to spend all my money and end up starving for the rest of the fortnight.
Do you know?  I only just noticed that A.Ron, is practically Aaron.  Aaron Ron Cupples is a musician who was in "Dan Kelly and the Alpha Males" and is in Civil Civic - the band blog link is on the right hand side of the page - I have a friend who is besotted with everything he has done - and I've seen his name written as A.Ron since a couple of years ago and I only just noticed A.Ron/Aaron.  And people get embarrassed about the three second delay in getting a joke.  Aye Currumba.

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