Saturday, April 24, 2010

Saturday still at work

Gosh darn it! 
The ever so delightful one (a favourite blogger) has gone invite only again.

*throws up hands in exasperation*

I feel terribly rejected now

Do you suppose it is because I click on his blog fifty thousand times a day?

But I gotta!
He's sneaky!
Sometimes he puts stuff up and then takes it off again.
I could miss something!


  1. The solution to this might miss something if they delete problem is Google Reader, RSS feeds, subscribe. It is not difficult.

  2. but where's the excitment in that? The thrill of the hunt?

    That's like saying it doesn't matter if you are not home when Dr Who starts because you can watch it on iview or record it.

    I left a Hen's night to go home and watch Dr Who once, cause they wouldn't let me watch it on their television.

  3. w00T!!!!!
    he's back
    patience is not only it's only reward