Friday, April 16, 2010

Smell ya later

Drank more than I should and woke without retribution.

Am in search of food and then chugging my way to visit Uncle Sidney.

Mr Salter was most excellent, however much to my regret he very responsibly asked people to stand and move forward since it looked like they had a full house, so from then on could see nothing from my comfortable chair in the corner.  My laziness was rewarded by the pleasurable sight of Scott Regan (I may have his name spelt wrong - the one at the front) lurking around there.  He is a delight to the eyes.  Always looks elegant.  Lucky it was a dark corner I was sitting in and he was unaware of my leering.

Mr Liddiard also very wonderful and sang Sixteen Straws at the end - bounces excitedly

I should send them presents for being so great.  I had an excellent night and they were giving away posters as I was leaving :)

PS.  we got cold and sober, oh my, locust, jezebel, the new song about the tightrope walker whose name I cannot remember but starts with a B - blondal? something - and more

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