Tuesday, April 6, 2010

If only I had sprung forth from a rock egg like Monkey

Have I mentioned I have a rental inspection on Friday?
And that my mother is arriving Thursday?
And that I normally leave my extra cats at my sisters during rental inspections?
And mother thinks I only have two cats?
And that she will go to my sisters first thing when she arrives?

My sister is asking around her friends to see if anybody will let me smuggle my beautiful Blossom-cat and Wooliff-cat and Wombat-kitten at their house for the day, so that we don't get sprung by The Parent.  Else we are going to have to brace for drama and tears.

Do I sound tense?
I'm a little tense.
Bear with my bubbling choking terror over these next few days.
Anticipation of visits from mother make me crazy.
Rental inspections make me crazy.
Travelling makes me crazy.
Probably everything will be fine.
Totally fine.
Yep. Fine.

Edit 6:30pm :  SCORE!!!  Sister has a friend who will let me drop my cats off.  Sister is dropping cage over tomorrow afternoon.  Sister is good. Friend of sister is good.

Edit 8:04 pm:  The Parent just called and she will be arriving Friday.  So now I just have to work out how I can borrow my sisters car and pick up the cats without attracting Mums attention - which will be tricky cause she will be expecting me to be here to greet her and probably have dinner  - borrowing are car will lead to her inquiring why I need the car and if I fib and say I just need to buy a few things she may very well offer to drive me herself or something.

I'm 40 next year.
This is undignified, isn't it?


  1. You are kind. My sister's friend, who is putting my cats up for the day, thinks we are mad :)

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