Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shitty day

May I say, there is no point in abusing or lecturing a receptionist if the person you are trying to get hold of does not return your calls.  .

I can sympathise, and do.

I can advise I have spoken to the individual personally and they have definately received your message.  I can advise I have made them aware you have called a number of times already and they are getting to you as soon as they possibly can.  Lecturing or speaking sternly to me in no way advances the process. 

Usually these things don't bother me so much, but the lady today managed to hit exactly the same tone and cadence as my dad when he was lecturing me about dental hyigene when I was five.  That same edge of frustration, disappointment and 'why can't you do such a simple thing'.

I have people getting cross with me at work already because they are having to cover calls for sick colleagues.

I was going to be terribly fugal this fortnight (apart from the supersoaker), but  now I feel the need to go buy myself something nice.


  1. Kind of sucks don't it?

    Been there so many times that I actually have to take an extra long break because the people piss me off so badly that I simply want to bitch slap them.

  2. Yes - I had to go for a little walk afterwards :)