Saturday, April 17, 2010


Visited Uncle Sidney.  Was treated to lunch and sat about listening to music.  Made my way to town in time for all the school children and young adults to flood the walkways, so no shopping for me.  Fled to my hotel and bathed and napped until frazzled nerves recovered. 

Ate Thai - delicious and wandered down to the Hi Fi by 8 ish.

Papa -v- Pretty first support.  Loud and thumpy.  Initially distracted by the sprays and fountains of spit blossoming forth from singers mouth, like translucent fireworks.  Spray of flower like dimensions interspersed with rocket like bits shooting out to hang in the air and then fall away.  Was very into them by about their fifth or sixth song which featured the word "wreckingball" and I know not what else - I am not very good at catching what people are singing if I don't' know the songs.  Bought their EP.  I felt old just looking at them.  Somebody said they are only in Grade 12.  Bass player had excellent hair.  Liked them alot :)

Next Dan Kelly and his Dream Band made up of Kiernan (whom I was not expecting to see), Indra and Dave.  Indra and Kiernan resplendent in sarong skirts.  Dave in long white shorts, bright red hawian shirt and straw hat.  Dan in the stary shirt I want and his aviator cap which I lust for and was too far away to even attempt to steal.  My little patch of crowd would not SHUT THE FUCK UP.  They also had annoying laughs.  Not that I am standing on rock in which to pitch stones from.  My giggle has been likened to Betty Rubbles. Opened with Fire and Theft, which I adore and continued on with Catholic Leader and Classical DJ for Dandenong Station (I apolgise for my spelling and this airport keyboard which is dire) which the people around me nearly listened to.  Bindi Irwin Apocalypse Jam, The Decomissioner (which I like a lot) and Dan Kelly's Nightmare (I missed the Ukeladies in the background on the do-it-dos).  The rumble of background chatter never stopped. 

I was regretting my sobriety and suffering crowd rage and my neck started hurting - probably because I had tensed up whilst imagining punching the blond chick with the phone in the nose - and I am afraid the sardine-esque crowd got the better of my nerves and I ran away after Paul Dempsey finished his first song and why are people always lurking in that last turn of the stairway?  I shall become paranoid.

So my Friday was a bit of a fail and I am a chicken weiner dog nancy girl, though also a dutiful niece and a responsible adult.  Had much more fun when off my face Thursday night.  DK & Dream will undoubtedly be a delight at the troubadour in May and I won't be there because it is a Friday and I won't be able to get the day off work and I am damned if I am going to go to Cronulla, so I shall just have to make do with the cd when it is available.

I was very tempted by the tea-towel available in the merchandise.

Edit:  and a song about going to spain? with two lesbians.


  1. I couldn't find you anywhere yesterday. What are you doing today? When are you going home? Let's hook up and cause some trouble.

  2. Dear Paul, I am already at the airport and my flight leaves in another half an hour.

    Will have to catch you next time, ey?

  3. I'll publish an entire itinerary and you can trail after me, taking photos of me going about my business and send them to me later in an anonymous brown envelope.

    I think there was a scene a bit like that in Jumping Jack Flash? No that's right. They tacked it to the door of Jack's flat when she was searching for the fry pan.

  4. It's a deal. I will even hire a camera crew and some photographers and you can be a rock star for a weekend!