Thursday, April 22, 2010

Grumble grumble grumble

It is ridiculous the things my body does to me if I don't get enough sleep.  Things I can normally eat/drink first thing in the morning suddenly are rejected with prejudice. 

When I was off work and sleeping late I was using a quarter, perhaps even less, the amount of painkillers I normally.  The restorative powers of sleep are so frequently disregarded.  It is the enemy that sucks away time in which they could be doing other things.

I read an article recently of a woman in her forties with my kind of arthritis who has gone back to university.  It talked about all the little practicalities involved.  She can't carry her own books and has to pay somebody else to do it for her.  Has a laptop with her to take notes because she can't take handwritten notes.  If she has a big day she has to take the next off to recover.  Just stays home and rests.

I stayed up till 11ish reading. 
Was woken around 4:30 by Bubba-cat howling at the stray tom.
The man delivering the post remarked that I look terrible.

I would prefer to look terrible from a night of drinking and debauchery or something, damnit!  Not just cause I was reading a trashy romance book butchering greek mythology for its jollies.

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