Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Have been lent some trashy books to read

I bid thee good morrow and hope I get to do so again tomorrow. 

I made soup in slow cooker and turned it off when going to bed with intent to get up again when it had cooled to refridgerate, but fell properly asleep without waking till morning.  A rare thing as I usually wake multiple times a night in response to feline movement.  I shall probably get salmonella and die in the night when I eat it for dinner.

Though, actually ... I am babysitting tonight  - which means I'll probably be eating at my sisters -  so I will be here to say hello tomorrow and it's Thursday that will be iffy, ey?

It was meant to be more of a stew, but I fed the cats before starting and one sneaked away and started eating the diced steak I'd bought and had yet to put away.  I should know better.  So now it is vegetable and bean soup. 

I cheat when I make vegetable soups and buy unsweetened vegetable juice to add.  I like a lot of taste.  The masterchef judges would turn up their noses and say I over season and don't have my balance right.  I blow raspberries in their general direction.  I shall make soup any old way I like, so there!

Except I wouldn't say that, cause they are cuties. 
Probably I'd just giggle inanely and blush.

Or maybe I wouldn't be able to even giggle due to feelings of guilty voyeurism because I watch 'Boys Weekend' and enjoy watching them leap about all wet and partially clothed in swimming pools and such, just a little bit more than is proper.

I shall go open the mail now and refrain from thinking about the potential symbolism of the letter opener slipping into the small opening under the lip of the envelope and slowly widening it as it runs along the edge and ... I think I should get myself a cold glass of water first.

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