Tuesday, April 13, 2010

14 Minutes to go ...

... and the heavens have opened
*shakes fist at sky*
I am not looking forward to riding my scooter in this
It will be cold
*pouts sulkily*
and where has March gone?!
I may as well exclaim slightly crankily
since I am complaining about other things
it drives me nuts when you do that

not my march - other blogger's march
(don't mind me - typing to myself again)

I don't like getting wet
that is not quite true

I don't like cold rain hitting the back of my neck
and soaking down the back of my shirt
and dripping down the crack of my arse


I dont' like how when one is riding a scooter
in the rain
an inequitable amount of that water
is funneled down ones front
to pool in ones crotch

they are not nice feelings

Edit:  only a bit nuts - love him to pieces
(in a reader to blogger way - not a psycho stalker way)

Edit Edit:  Gosh Darnit to Heck!  It is not getting any lighter

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