Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Monday masquerading as Tuesday

Receptionist I am filling in for gets back today.  My contract has been extended till the end of May.  She is never particularly happy to see me.  They are going to ask her to take client interviews and leave me as receptionist. 

Have no idea how this suggestion is going to be taken. 
Potential to be an dramatic morning.

Edit: 8:36 am - usually she is here by now?
Edit Edit:  not coming in today - taking another week off - drama delayed


  1. That's pretty good that you managed to unsurp the permanent out front individual.

    Either means that they really like you, or that they really hate her.

  2. lol - it's a bit of both

    Last time they jumped me over her head and I was interview officer, but this time the niceties are being observed.

    I'd rather play receptionist - keeps me busy.