Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Struggling to focus

I am ridiculous today. 

I have not done the washing.

I have yet to pack the clothes I should have washed.

I am going away for two days and packing seems silly.

I contemplate taking an empty bag and buying something to wear when I get there.

I should save my money as the oil light on my scooter refuses to go out even though I have topped the oil up.

I am nervous and worried and excited and none of my friends will be there, so the entire trip will be anticlimatic because half the fun of travelling to gigs in the past has been being with my friends.

I am trying to remember where I had that awesome tandori chicken pizza that gave me indigestion last time and was entirely worth it.

The place I am staying on the second night had a bath last time I was there and I can go spend stupid amounts of money at Lush and have a bubble laiden scented soak with a book and perhaps a little bit of booze and maybe candles? or would that set off the smoke alarm?  besides which not very good to read by.

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