Thursday, April 15, 2010

Jiggling about with legs crossed

7:48 pm and I am wasting time before the Troubadour opens at 8 pm. 

I think I found the place that I consumed the awesome tandorri chicken pizza the last time in company of a friend and it was a sad disappointment. 

I also failed to conqueur the urge to get pissed on arrival and a bottle of yellowglen has hit the wastepaper basket in my hotel room. 

I drifted over to Ric's after dinner and listened to a young lady with awesome hair for half an hour.  She did a very nice rendition of Ric Bunga's "Sway" and a good Jewel - i forget the name of the song but I like it a lot.  I liked her original songs as well.  There was one song about one-sided love, but I am no good at hearing what people are singing and a bunch of her friends was sitting close and I lack the courage to go buy a CD. 

I look anal with my hair pinned up and my heavy black framed glasses on, armoured in my grey cardigan over purple velvet short dress and black trousers.  My usual terror of being in unfamiliar places riding my back, though blurred somewhat by the champagne.

Had fun shopping in lifeline stores.    There was a store with emo/goth type clothes - a plethoria of bustias (sp?) and long lacey skirts.  If only I had an obscene amount of money and 20 kg less of belly - sigh.  If only my calves were slim enough to don those overly buckled boots.

Saw a young lady in Ric's Place (I think that's the name anyway, I could be wrong) wearing denim shorts and over the knee boots with a practical slit at the back to the back of the knee.  Refrained from laughing out loud, though fear I smirked in an unladylike manner.  Liked some of the paintings displayed.  $140/190 ish I think.  I am being strong like steel.  I shall not buy. 

I shall think of my Wombat-kitten whose birthday it is tomorrow and who has unfortunately come on full-heat just as I leave for my trip and whom will probably torture my poor neighbour with her involuntary and puzzled cries for something she doesn't understand.   Poor kitty.  She looked so out of control last night.  I even got to pat her without shedding blood.

signing off in the hope that Troubadour has now opened and I can go to the bathroom.


  1. And where will you be tonight? That is a good description of you, I will keep an eye out and jump out from behind a tree and scare you. Or follow you around like a spy to shy to say hello.

  2. Spying would be fun!

    I tried to do that once. Friends of a person I knew were taking part in the sculpture exhibition by the sea. Their's was an interactive sculpture which they were present for a bit. I tried to discretely lurk and take photos without them being aware - failed miserably. God knows what they thought - lol.

    Fun though.

    Tonight I shall be wearing pinky/purple top, but expect to have finished the book I've been reading "Going Bovine".

    So for any would-be spies/stalkers, tonight: heavy frames, pinned hair, pink and black with a book and grey cardigan. Very studious.

    Unless I buy something else in the meantime which is entirely possible. Been having fun in the opshops and this afternoon am cruising the mall :)

  3. I shall look out for you. I need to practice my stalking. I shall be wearing bright pink hot pants one size too small, an Edwardian smoking jacket, fishnet stockings and steel cap boots.

  4. I think it should be a tinfoil hat (and a great read too by-the-by)