Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ode to a Sandwich

The Horror!
Innards splashed across floor

Does the three second rule apply?
Can we stuff em back in if we are spry?

I suppose we can’t save them all
An occasional sandwich has to hit the floor
Leaving no option but to withdraw

And go to the pub for lunch


  1. Ha ha! I've made an art out of dropping my lunch for the express purpose of having to go to the pub for lunch.

  2. I haven't had lunch in a pub since I was a kid. Uncle Sid used to take us to the Shamrock in Mackay sometimes for dinner.

    I was never any good with a knife and fork so I always ordered chicken or fish. It was all about the ice-cream and chocolate sauce back then anyway. Used to get them put extra chocolate sauce on and then lick the plate.