Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bounce Bounce Bounce

Good morning *greeting practically sung in an appallingly cheery voice - vibrating with goodwill*

I have possessed a copy of Book Two of Mistborn for weeks, but have not been able to make myself read anything new. 

I don't understand this new relationship I have with books.  I lived and breathed to read.  It kept me sane.  If I were not eating or sleeping I would be reading.  Sometimes reading instead of sleeping.  Sometimes reading instead of eating.  I would very nearly have anxiety attacks if I did not have a book with me when I left the house.  This new 'meh' attitude to picking up a new book to read is ... incomprehensible to me.

However, having said that I started The Well of Ascension last night and it is AWESOME!

I knew it would be and it is - isn't that wonderful :)

*happy sigh*

My friend agreed that I was a doofus head for not noticing the A.Ron thing before.  Though she spelt doofus dufus.  I wonder which is correct?  I like doofus better.  It reminds me of phooey.  Which reminds me of snoopy.  Snoopy is cool.

My Blossom-cat woke me from a dead sleep by knocking my vomit bowl off a bookcase he had jumped on.  The vomit bowl is not currently in use, that is just where I keep it.  It is one of those steel mixing bowls and makes a loud almost ringing noise when it hits the ground.  Gong like.

My beloved Bubba-cat then proceeded to vomit oceanfish flavoured catfood over my sandles.  I did not feel up to attempting to clean it up this morning and read some more of the book instead.  Something to look forward to when I get home, ey?  Maybe the other cats will eat the vomit before I get home?  Like that unfortunately incident when I last used the vomit bowl after I'd drunk too much gin & tonic after eating bbq chicken.  I cannot recommend it as an early morning discovery when one is direly hungover.

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