Saturday, April 10, 2010

Feeling Needy

Volunteered to do some filing at work today.
Am a little understimulated and my neck is starting to hurt.
Am checking blog every half an hour or so.
Somebody talk to me?
Any topic.
Pick a topic.
Will even welcome abuse.


  1. a friend is holding her 23rd birthday party today. we are going to play board games. she was tossing up the idea of dressing up like highschool girls as a theme, except she meant like 'typical' highschool girls eg bad skirts and button up shirts, as opposed to what we actually dressed like in highschool, which was merely plain.

  2. i disliked The Book Theif very much

  3. *Thief

    I got Ned Collette's new EP in the mail. It's actually kind of upbeat.

  4. which is surprising, is it not? I was surprised. The last two songs are remixy and boppy.

  5. I have been thinking I should buy something of his - upbeat sounds promising :)

    Thank you Niki - you are a treasure

    Primary school we wore white button shirts with a pleated pinafore, not unlike one worn by Chrissie Amphlet - (but without the tie)

  6. When I was the king of filing at work, I used to utter vapid phrases like "Filing can be fun" and "never volunteer for anything".

  7. We're having spaghetti soon. I like mine drowning in sauce.

    I have no wine in the house. :) Too lazy to go to the store, tho.

    I cut my dog's toenails myself the other. I got the "guillotine" cutter -- only $12.99

    I haven't filed in YEARS. Probably not a good idea for me.

    I've downloaded the trial of PaintShopProX3 and am having a BALL with it. I think I'll try out the Photoshop one first, too, before I commit. I hear there is a scaled-down version of Photoshop. So, I'll see.

    I will have to go to the store for coffee cream in the morning. The store is only 2 minutes away by minivan.

    You still bored?

    Still filing?


  8. I wrote a short poem on the delight of filing last time I was working here and left it bluetac'ed to the compactus - lol.

    *blows Jannie a kiss* - merci - w00t photoshop - I need to do a course - and get a computer that works - and then I can carry on with my self-imposed mission to photoshop the faces of the band I like onto barnyard animals.

    I filled from 8:20 to 4:20. In pain from about 10 am. Kept telling myself just half an hour more. Don't think I achieved a great deal though. Most of the files I was looking for ended up being offsite.