Saturday, April 17, 2010

Why my pants were wet at dinner

When I arrived at my hotel for Friday night, I immediately dived into the bath for a soak, since I've only a shower at my flat and one gets these urges when one is denied something.

Anyhoo ... when I emerged all clean and rosy I laid out my clothes for the evening and ... well ... I'd been wearing the same trousers for the last couple of days and I thought they were a little wiffy.  Probably not that anybody would notice or anything, but.

So then I thought to myself, they are a synthetic material and dry quickly - why don't I just give the crotch of the trousers a wash and lay them out on a chair while I have a nap for a couple of hours till dinner time.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but sadly my ideas of drying time are based on Townsville weather and they were far from dry when I woke and the hairdryer really just warmed it up rather than make any difference on the saturation levels and since they were the only trousers I brought with me, I pretty much just had to wear them anyway.

It feels odd.  I am not sure I shall be looking forward to that part of the aging process.

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