Friday, April 30, 2010

For some reason ...

I can't get Paul McCartney's song Waterfalls out of my head today.  They used to play the clip on the ABC sometmies when I was little.  I remember thinking the lyrics were the most lame-arsed words to a song I'd ever heard and yet it was terribly catchy.

don't go jumping waterfalls,
please, keep to the lake.
people who jump waterfalls,
sometimes can make mistakes.
Well - this a fair enough assessment of the situation.  I have no complaints with this verse.  I am still kind of fond of it.
* * *
don't go chasing polar bears
in the great unknown.
some big friendly polar bear,
might want to take you home.
Unlikely, but cutesy.  Kind of like the chasing something through the great unknown and then being invited home once found.  Possibly for tea?  Why not?  It is as unlikely as a friendly polar bear.
* * *
don't run after motor cars,
please, stay on the side.
someone's glossy motor car
might take you for a ride.
This is my sticking point.  I hate this verse.  

I remember the clip showing him wandering around a beautiful garden and then going into a little tin shed at the end and turning the light off and then loud crashing sounds as he tripped over stuff.


  1. looked it up jsut now.
    worst song ever.

  2. hahahahaahahahahahah - i would have through reading the verses was forwarning enough - poor niki