Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Forgot to turn my mobile phone back on after recharging the sucker and was woken by the back up alarm which is steadily losing time, dressed and sprinted for the door before I fully woke-up.  Don't remember the ride to work very clearly. 

Was feeling terribly pleased with myself until I saw another bloggers new sofa.  It's a very comfy looking sofa. *sigh*

I begged transport from my sister to the discount store Saturday and bought eight little folder out, very slightly padded, alleged ottomans (stiffened canvas cubes) - which are only just strong enough to support my weight if I approach them carefully - and arranged them into a large block in substitute of sofa in my lounge.  Spent most of Sunday stretched out on them with pillows and a book.  Soon I shall buy a ship load of cushions and it will be an opulent version of a rats nest.

The cats like it, which is the more important thing and I can break it up into individual blocks to make little pathways for them.  They like being aerial.  A cat that can get across a room without touching the floor is a happy cat.

Christ, I can't believe it is May already.  I had hopes that if I were restrained and with the added overtime payments, I might be able to save up and buy a new scooter, since Angelina (the scooter's name is Angelina cause it's a Bowell Jollee) is nearly had it.

... but then I skimmed past the cost of flights to Brisbane for 21 May and there are still relatively cheap flights available and I could just die, cause 'want' has so much more power over me than sensible 'ought' and I 'want' to go to the Troubadour though I 'ought' to save up before the end of my contract.


There is even one that leaves after work and arrives 7ish and I could probably get a taxi from the airport to the hotel and walk to the Troubadour in that time.  I might even still be on time?  Which is early.  Other people usually don't arrive as the door opens.  I could even still get my little chair in the corner that I like.

I think I should go smack my head against a wall for a bit and try and knock some sense into myself.  Ciao

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