Monday, May 31, 2010

Last Day

reluctant to get out of bed this morning
but the cats fixed that
by running around like rum fuelled hoons
crashing and banging about the place
and getting into fights
drag racing eachother down the length of the living room
so I arrived at work early

tomorrow I intend to sleep in until at least ten
or if i can't sleep I shall read
either way
in bed till ten

one can get depressed when one is unemployed
i feel it behoves me to set myself some achieveable goals
to keep my spirits up

P.S.  Civil Civic have released another couple of songs and I have it on good authority that Overdrive is great - I am hoping to find a computer with sound (or get mine working) tomorrow to get a listen to it myself :)

P.P.S.  Exploding Dog is just so awesome


  1. Good luck and hope you make it out in one piece.

  2. Merci - I think it will be nice and low-key. I think they would rather that I put in a complaint about her and stayed, but i don't want to make a complaint or yell at a little old lady :(

    Funnily enough, I feel the need for a break at the moment. With the neck and back pain that has been happening so often recently, I think I need to get a grip on myself and start a strict diet and dutifully take pills to try and head off an arthritis flareup.