Thursday, May 27, 2010

And I'm getting a cold too *pout*

I am crap at commenting at the best of times.
Now is not the best of times.
I have comment block. 
It's quite frustrating.
Even though there are only a scant handful of blogs I actually comment on.

I blame it on not being able to listen to music on my headphones all day.  I was overflowing with chat when I had my headphones in my last job and since then *makes brrut noise with lips* nothing, nada, negator-ay.

What if people think I hate them because I am not commenting?
Or think that they bore me?

What if people are relieved I am not commenting?


  1. I get that too, sometimes, commentitis. I find wine helps (ooh! I've just moved onto dessert wines... how bizarre, but delicious).

    Also, you're a great commenter. One of my very favourites.

  2. Are yes ... the booze - hopefully next week I shall get my internet sorted out and can return to my jovial tipsy commenting and hungover morning regrets :) There are somethings one just needs to do in the daytime and I am no good at remembering practical personal stuff at work.

    a favourite? *blush*

  3. i mostly just think that you hate me.