Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wishful Thinking

Sadly nobody has saved me from my own brain, though there were momentary diversions (and Otto is always particularly diverting). So I am stuck with myself and its something I try hard to avoid. Usually there is a book or a television or a very large drink to chaperone and intercede when things get tense.


If only we had an office cat.

Edit:  although, of course, Paul's poem is also particularly lovely - it goes without saying as I am sure we all appreciate the presence of his genius in our midst


  1. We shall have to lift our collective game. Sorry.

  2. Sorry, I'll try better too.

    I do have a new blog that I unleashed to the world a couple of weeks ago though, for you to use and abuse.

  3. I've been waiting to do a post on your stories until I got my computer at home working again. Time has rather gotten away from me though. I shall get my butt into gear this weekend and see about getting that organised :)
    I plan to buy an external harddrive to backup all my stuff on and then my sister is going to reload something or other for me (possibly Windows XP - I am not technical) and then get the virus protection set up again etc etc etc