Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I can't help but think there should be a 'c' in there somewhere, but the online dictionary disagrees and who am I to argue with a dictionary? 

My morning routine derailed before I even got started and I just feel like rampaging with an uzi.  Not that I would.  Gore makes me feel ill.  Rampaging with an uzi in a computer game instead, ey?  (does anybody else keep accidentially ending up on that series of dissections they are showing on television Monday nights?  They cut out somebodies brain, back of skull and spine to show the oesophagus last night.  I can sort of cope with the corpses, but for some reason I find the guy doing the cutting's hat disconcerting)

I wonder if any of my bloggers have writ something beautiful to reconcile me to my day?

When I was exciled to a desk and databases I missed human interaction, but I realize now that was just the usual wistful greener fields thinking because I know I am not a social person and generally prefer the company of cats and frankly, people just shit me.

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