Thursday, May 6, 2010


I am ambivalent about being busy today.

It does make the day go faster, true, but it does rather cut into my waffle time on the blog, not to mention my stalking time on the internet.

What have I missed with my favourite blogger (admittedly there are a few of y'all that qualify in the favourite blogger category, but just go with me here) who posts and then retracks. 

I know I swore to stop reinterpreting things other people post into a magic fantasy land of my own making but I just can't help it.  I had him winging his way to a distant love with what I've caught so far today and then next post possibly being told not to rush things and then the next post possibly all depressed and now they are all gone - throbbing romantical-type sigh.  

I've confessed I used to read A LOT of Mills & Boon growing up, haven't I?  One thinks one has out grown such things, but then one realises one has just substituted something else for it.

There is another blog I follow and don't comment on.  A girl whose photo blog I used to check out now and then.  Then these portraits of a young man started appearing and then they become a couple and then they got themselves a blog and then they moved in together and then they got a cat and now they are getting married - and it's all just beautiful.

Blogs = never ending romance novels.


  1. Really. That sounds like a nice bloggy romance. I'm horribly jaded for the blogging romance now. And all the men in Bloggingdom. It's partly why I removed Projectivist. But the girls are lovely, aren't they?

    We should have been best friends as teens. We could have saved a friggin fortune swapping Mills&Boon(s?)

  2. Indeed - brings a tear to the eye of the disenchanted.

    I've been coming up with heaps more interesting theory's for the disappearance, some of which involved stealing all the money from the shop and absconding to England.

  3. hehe!
    unforch the money would probably only get me to Wollongong.

  4. Can't have that - next time give me a call and we can hit a few shops - maybe steal some books as well - for the flight, ey?