Sunday, May 23, 2010

Friday Night

My timing estimates were not too far off.  Arrived at hotel by 7:40 pm.  Troubadour was not yet open when I wandered down and I adjourned beneath for chicken and mushroom rissotto.

Upstairs and a Gin and Tonic then drifted to my chair in the dark corner.  Re-reading a Georgette Heyer.  The pages have yellowed with age.  Makes it a lot harder to read in dim light.  Admonished by a handsome canadian for reading in bad light.  My mouth got away from me.  Said my eyes were already fucked.  He said something along the lines of he can see I am wearing glasses, but still - he cared, you know.  Replied it showed how kind and big hearted he was and that his mother would be proud of him. 

He smelled nice.  What is with this smelling of men?  I must be being very dilligent with the litter trays for my nose to have started working again.  Am not used to it.  Disconcerting. 

Blonde in attention-grabbing red dress sat in the empty chair betwixt canadian and myself (after asking my permission).  If her hair had been red she would have been a good crack at resembling Jessica Rabbit - except with a sweet innocent air.  Soft red knit wrap dress with high red shoes.  Like an adult version of a special K ad.  It made her look very jiggily and fleshily lush.  She made friends with handsome canadian   I think she missed having a posse of girlfriends to giggle with men over, as she kept looking to me and smiling.  I remarked it seemed to be going well with the canadian and she said he was a dickhead and that she was after the whole package.  Smart, handsome, rich.  This did not stop the canoodling.  I was of course envious of her dress and shoes to the tips of my toes and if I could wear them I would.  She also seemed terribly nice which was galling *sigh* 

I enjoyed Little Scout (first support) more when I closed my eyes.  I think they are a headphone only band for me.  I don't know why it should make a difference, but some music I enjoy on headphones and not out loud.  Eagle and the Worm (second support) were freakin' great! 

DK and his dream band brought out a couple of inflatable sharks to decorate the stage with - lol.  Kiernan in turban.  Dave in what looked like a ship's cap.  I was some distance away and couldn't see well.  It wasn't as full as for Mr Liddiard - maybe three quarters? - but they didn't have to ask anybody to stand up.  Young man towards the front of the crowd was flinging his hair about vigorously to the music.  Hopefully he has not strained anything.  Mr Box did something glorious with his harmonica in the first song.  Thoroughly sigh worthy.  There were two songs I'd not heard before, both lovely.  When is the damn album going to be available, ey?  I hate waiting. 

Had an excellent night and didn't miss my plane back.  I am very glad I went.