Friday, May 7, 2010


Feeling vaguely ill purely out of tiredness and craving that blueberry flavoured gum I bought a couple of days ago and left at home, which actually just tastes like grape flavour - not that grape flavoured actually bares any resemblance to actual grapes and I have no idea why they picked that fruit to call it such, unless as a consequence the flavouring turns things purple and they just thought, fuckit, lets call it grape cause it's purple, I do wonder how they came up with that one.


Does anybody want to tell me I have a slumberous beauty like the waning moon?  I could go an extravagant compliment at the moment.


  1. Not only a slumberous beauty like the waning moon but a transcendant sparkle like the brightest star, you are luxurious dream like the deepest night and a splendour as fair as the fairest sunrise. Your beauty knows no limits and is the meaning and purpose of my life.

  2. Man, I can't even top that one by Paul.